The New Hijab Campaign

It’s justification for what they foist on the women in many of these Muslim hard line states. The Geller Report tells us that a “Muslim Miss Universe contestant makes history by wearing kaftan instead of bikini.” It’s an oft-repeated message that wherever Islamic law and Western customs and practices conflict, Western customs and practices must give way. They are better than the disgusting women so often displayed in the decadence our Western culture. And of course the establishment media soaks it up.

       Burkini-beach volleyball

We’ve also seen the burkini which  in France, just like the burqa, has become a political and cultural trigger point. But that understandably may have had something to do a series of targeted attacks by Islamist terrorists (stabbings, shootings, bombings, etc., in years past. The garment goes against the country’s secular beliefs, government officials have said, and only furthers tension between French citizens who practice Islam and those who do not in a country that has suffered numerous murderous attacks.

Muslim Miss Universe contestant

Some Islamists are trying to carve their impression on the modern fashion world presenting women wearing the hijab or veil as real women while introducing clothing lines and fashion events to glorify the attire.  Sadly however, according to Clarion Project this attire for many women represents oppression in many Sharia compliant states, and even non Sharia compliant states.

There are reported Muslim motorcycle gangs in Germany made up of fundamentalist Islamic leaders enforcing Islamic justice have become increasingly common in Germany. The government’s inability or unwillingness to stop them has led to the rise of anti-Muslim counter-vigilantes.

Should Germany be worried about these motorcycle gangs who supposedly are just protecting fellow Muslims? According to the Gatestone Institute these self-appointed “Sharia Police” urged both Muslim and non-Muslim passersby to attend mosques and to refrain from alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gambling, music, pornography and prostitution.

And meanwhile the Hamas terror group in Tel Aviv holds a summer camp teaching children to reenact the recent terror attacks at Temple Mount in Jerusalem where three Arab citizens of Israel armed with guns and knives killed two Israeli police officers guarding an entrance to Jerusalem’s holiest site for Jews and Muslims. Yes, I’d say Germany should worry about these motorcycle vigilantes enforcing Islamic justice. Israel has a big problem too with all their nearby neighbors.

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