This Is The Stuff YouTube Is Censoring

Hat-tip LifeZette, this is the type of conservative suppression YouTube engages in trying to suppress opposing viewpoints.

In case you missed Joy Villa’s unveiling of her Make American Great Again (#MAGA) dress at the Grammy’s, take a look.

As you probably know, all things Hollywood are a hate-fest for conservatism and especially for Donald Trump, so independent recording artist Joy Villa decided to go big in the face of that opposition at the Grammys this year. And she’s taken a lot of heat for it too.

Villa also has a new song titled the same as the dress, but it’s not political, it’s a call for people of all beliefs and backgrounds to come together. Here, you judge for yourself:

YouTube sent her a cease & desist letter. According to LifeZette Villa was going to remain quiet about it until she talked to Kaya Jones, another conservative artist who noticed she’s being silenced by YouTube too, that she decided to question YouTube publicly. The two got together and highlighted their issues in a Periscope video with fans, and fans responded immediately with both songs going high on the Amazon sales charts.

Here’s Kaya Jones’ song:

Really isn’t the world big enough for everyone’s point of view? No, not if you’re a lefty-prog or a mega liberal telecom or tech giant like Google, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. Only liberal voices and opinions count.

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One Response to This Is The Stuff YouTube Is Censoring

  1. Sandy says:

    The Main Stream Media is focused on destroying our freedom, not just our speech, our freedom. Antifa did not bloom out of the dust by itself. There is a war going on in the United States. This is not a war for equality, there can be no doubt that this is a war for our complete submission to the left.

    The Media feeds the crap that is vomited up every day about anything that President does or says, and forms it into absurd lies and feeds it to people all over the world.

    The New York Times had to make 5 retractions of what they printed about President Trump’s comments on Charleston. But who reads the retractions? All that gets repeated over and over are the deliberate lies.

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