Frank’s Diner- Once An Old Pullman Car, Now Spokane’s Favorite Breakfast Spot

Car NO. 1787 (downtown car), a Pullman, served as a presidential car until it was replaced in 1931.

Stranded in Seattle at the height of the depression, NO. 1787 found a new home. Frank Knight, the brother and sometime partner of Jack Knight of Spokane, bought the presidential car and converted it into a diner car in 1931. They spent $1 million dollars in refurbishment and have done a great job. Today they hold the distinction of being voted the best breakfast in the Spokane 18 years running!


Their fried green tomatoes

The counter area of the dining car

We’re sort of boring, me anyway, and usually end up getting the same old thing for breakfast: 2 eggs over easy, toast and hasbrowns since they don’t normally serve rice with eggs like we get at home. But from the photo of the fried green tomatoes above you can see I should have splurged. By the way, you also get your choice of gravy and/or fried onions on the potatoes which I did partake of. Yum! Oh yeah, there were a few pancakes thrown in too.

Needless to say we skipped lunch.

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