The Pie Hut & Other Finds

Before we left home we did some research, namely where to eat! It’s one of the best parts of road tripping after all. We found an online guide to US Hwy 2 which is one of the main East-West (or in our case, West to East) highways crisscrossing these great United States. The online guide is called Moon’s Road Trip USA, the Great Northern Highway 2. It’s gives you a short narrative of the towns you’ll be passing through, the main attractions or not, and then they provide recommendations on bars & restaurants. A quick cross reference with Trip Advisor and away we go.

The Pie Hut was not mentioned in Moon’s however, so it’s a lucky thing I spotted it out of the corner of my eye and amidst all my navigator duties. It required a quick U-turn, but the pies are mainly for the driver, so no harm, no foul. The place was lunch-time packed and they serve awesome sandwices too, but we managed to walk out with a whole strawberry-rhubarb pie!

Anyway The Pie Hut was in Sandpoint, Idaho. That was just for snacking. By dinner we were in Kalispell, Montana and Indian Nickel Charlie’s came up #1 for eats in this town.

At this point we’d only been on the road about 4 days but we’ve figured out they give much bigger portions here on the mainland than at home in Hawaii. With that in mind I ordered a chef salad and Mick ordered a rib eye steak. Lotta good that did. There must have been a quarter pound of cheddar cheese and an equal amount of ham on my salad! 

Oh and did I mention the gambling?
About 25 years ago when we last travelled this area I don’t remember any casinos, but now they’re everywhere. We didn’t go into the casino at Nickel Charlie’s, but I won a free beer (great microbrews everywhere too) at the bar in the “One Shake-a-Day” game. You roll six dice. Five of a kind wins the pot ($412 at that time). I thought the odds heavily favored the house, but what the heck, it’s only 50c so we each took a turn. Mickey went bust, but I rolled 4 threes & a six. Voila! One free microbrew for the lady.

Unfortunately the next day was the day we’d planned to make The Drive To The Sun into the West side of Glacier National Park, but there are several forest fires all over the place and they just closed the park and evacuated West Glacier. Bummer! I remember the spectacular views from years ago so this is very disappointing. We woke up today with the plan to drop down and try the East Glacier entrance, but the weather had changed. Now besides the terrible visibility from the smoke, it was now rainy & cold. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes with travel. Tomorrow we’ll start toward Mt. Rushmore (may take us about 3 days), and hopefully it’s still there with all the lefty-prog America haters tearing down our historical monuments trying to change us into their socialistic, communist paradise.

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