Amber Waves Of Grain

I never really visualized the ‘Amber waves of grain’ made famous in the favorite American patriotic song, America The Beautiful till we drove through Eastern Washington, the Idaho panhandle, Northern Montana and South Dakota. It’s miles and miles of wheat fields and prairie grass. Believe it or not, it is beautiful.

It seems like a large part of farmers’ time is spent growing food for their animals -hopefully enough to last through those long cold winters. You see these big rolls of hay harvested, rolled into these circular bales and left out in the pastures for harsher times, all over the place.

BTW, speaking of long cold winters, we hit a 3-day spell of rain and 30-40 ° weather, in mid-September! This is tough to take for us Hawaii-kine guys. Once we left Kalispell, Montana it turned unseasonably cold. We ended up driving longer many days than we really wanted to but the towns we were driving through were small, small and offered not much reason to stop for the night.

But Sturgis, South Dakota is world renown for everything motorcycle, especially Harley Davidson. Luckily we missed the annual Sturgis Rally held the first week every August, or we would not have been able to find a motel, hotel, campsite, or any other place to lay our heads because the population explodes during that time!

A really sweet Indian Motorcycle

The  normal population of Sturgis is around 8,000 but during the rally, sometimes known as the Black Hills Motorcycle Classic it swells to 750,000! Like I said, we weren’t sad to miss those crowds and we’re looking forward to the Badlands National Park tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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