Let Us Reminisce For One Glorious Moment – Election Night 1 Year Ago

A year ago yesterday I fondly remember the better part of the evening, once it looked like a possible Trump victory anyway, texting my sister-in-law and a longtime friend back and forth, over and over as the election results trickled in. And they’re both on the East Coast so it was late for them! “Hey he just won Florida and he’s ahead in  Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania!” Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and Utah for a long time were too close to call, but one by one states never expected to go Red fell to Trump and the electoral votes (sorry CA & NY we don’t elect our presidents by popular vote!) continued to climb for Trump. The national electoral map of the 2016 election is a beauty to behold.

The red states are the ones Donald Trump won. Thirty in all. It wasn’t even close. But they just can’t shut-up about the popular vote. Keep in mind it only took the popular votes in California & New York for (lock-her-up!) Hillary to win the popular vote which is exactly why we do not elect presidents by a popular vote. There would be no point in Rhode Island, Hawaii, Wyoming, etc., to go to the polls. Under the popular vote they don’t have enough population for their votes to count and somehow the Founders figured that out 230 some years ago! We are a Constitutional Republic (govt by representation), not a Democracy (majority rule).

Let’s review the reaction from the newsrooms election night for some more fun. This the first time BTW, I have ever agreed with Chris Matthews.

And here is some more recorded history of the left losing it on election night 2016.

Oh it was fun wasn’t it?

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  1. Patricia Gamble says:

    LOL! Too bad we are the minority in the DH group!! Trump does at times scare me and make me wonder…but always glad Hilary was put in her place!! Pat

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