This Is What The Diversity Visa Program Has Brought US

Two people stabbed in Mall of America just last Sunday. Was this a terrorist attack?

Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman

No probably not, just your everyday lawlessness perpetrated on Americans by illiterates from war-torn areas who basically get by robbing & stealing. The perpetrator, a refugee from Somalia, identified as  20-yr old Mahad Abdiaziz Abdirahaman, apparently was stealing someone’s belongings from a dressing room in a Macy’s Store. In the altercation that followed he ended up stabbing 2 people before being apprehended. You always take a knife with you when you go shopping, right?

Were you able to find any Americans in this video? Somalis have taken over Minneapolis aided & abetted by the State Department and the liberals in Congress who think it’s perfectly ok to dilute our country with people from all over the world who will never assimilate and think it’s okay to rob & kill others for Allah or just to get what they want. That’s what they did in Somali and they don’t know any different. Remember the Somali pirates hijacking container ships off their coast, and Black Hawk Down?  I think I’d skip Christmas shopping if I had to do it anywhere in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis has turned into a not very nice place. It’s been overpopulated by refugee Somalis brought in on the Diversity Visa Program. Under that program 50,000 immigrants every year are brought in with the goal of diversifying the United States’ immigrant population. It’s a blind lottery. They are not selected for the positive attributes they may bring with them to help America; no special education or professional status is required, they just have to be able to fog a mirror. Sayfullo Saipov, the suspect in the terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan that killed eight people in NY recently came in under this Diversity Visa program in 2010 (along with 23 of his relatives!) from Uzbekistan.

I think the United States is diverse enough, thank you very much. Let’s call a halt to importing terrorists and trouble makers like the examples in this story.

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One Response to This Is What The Diversity Visa Program Has Brought US

  1. Sandy says:

    All the Bleeding Hearts that want this kind of immigration should have to take them into their homes. It is absolutely beyond me that some people in The United States think that we owe it to the world to take in anyone and everyone and yet are not willing to take them into their own homes. Our United States is being destroyed and it is only the ordinary people that are punished and required to sacrifice our people, who are knifed and run over, so that people who have done nothing to contribute to the well being of our country can come in and be supported by the people who have worked all their lives to, like their forefathers, make a better life for themselves and their children.

    This kind of thinking is only for the purpose of bringing down our country, for bringing down the United States that we were born into and that our parents and grandparent busted a gut to get here and worked to make a great country for all our children and for people who want to come here for a better life and who are willing to work and learn English and become American and make the sacrifices that are necessary to do that.

    How have we allowed ourselves to listen to this BS. The perpatrators of this live in their proteced enclaves and do not go to places where they can be stabbed and run over. Their children are not forced to go to school with people who are not able to be taught because they do not learn English. How can it possibly make sense to destroy our United States of America, to turn it into a fractured and torn apart country?

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