I Like This A Lot

Hat-tip The American Thinker and specifically Robert Oscar Lopez for his outstanding article on how to fix higher education. We all know college campuses are a mess and as Lopez says, higher education as we know it is indefensible. If in doubt take a gander at what these Berkeley students think about free speech.

Anyway here is Lopez’ fix for higher education and I like it a lot!

It starts with cutting all financial favors to colleges that do no adhere to a strict, revised standard for higher education and its obligation to the public good. No more direct subsidies plus tax exemptions and deductions. No more backing of student loans by the federal government -that’s what drove tuition sky-high. Accreditation for new programs must favor all of society, rather than one institution, individual or class of people. Here are some of my favorite of his conditions:

  1.  Nobody can enroll in a liberal arts program without first doing one to two years learning a practical trade. You know like plumbing, bookkeeping, computer repair, etc., real life skills that alone would lead to much higher employment.
  2. No school other than religious seminary type schools, should have any department that excludes a political perspective. No feminist studies, queer studies, ethnic studies, or sustainability studies!
  3. No school receiving federal funds should have tenure! Tenured faculty waste resources teaching few students and spending too much time on “research.” And they are totally unaccountable to anyone.
  4. There must be a massive trimming of school budgets. Too many schools charge high tuitions, have huge endowments, then get grants, all the while maintaining a tiny rank of tenured faculty while loading up their classrooms with adjuncts (graduate students paid diddly-squat).

These reforms or something like them are long overdue, but it will happen because parents footing the bill are slowly waking up and government cannot continue to subsidize these failing institutions. It will crash & burn, it’s just a matter of when.

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One Response to I Like This A Lot

  1. Sandy says:

    I watched this video and the two following it. It is painful to see what our colleges and universities have devolved to. Doubly so when I think about the money that the Federal Government sends to these schools and most likely the sutdent loans that will not be paid back.

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