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I thought I should give you some encouragement on the tax reform bill as by now if you’ve watched the Lame-street Media you’ve been inundated with all the bad that’s gonna happen because of this “GOP Tax Scam”.

Hat-tip Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire, when Ireland lowered its corporate tax rate from 40% (wow!) to 12.5% in 1995 it resulted in a whopping 23% GDP growth.  Ireland benefited greatly with over $277 billion worth of U.S. direct foreign investment. Now those companies can come back home to America.

What’s more, the tax reform bill is like a giant “permission slip” to companies holding profits abroad to repatriate that money. Under the old tax plan they would be taxed 35% when bringing profits back to America -ouch! Under the tax reform they’ll be taxed at new ultra-low rates: 8 percent for profits invested in real estate and other hard assets abroad, and 15.5 % for profits in cash and stock and other liquid assets.

This makes it affordable for Apple to repatriate the $252.3B cash it currently holds overseas. Apple would be able to take advantage of a one-time tax break, paying just 15.5% tax on the cash, rather than the 35% it would have had to pay previously. If Apple decides to make the move taking advantage of the one-time opportunity and brings all their hoarded cash back to the US, it would pay $39.1B in tax!

Now that’s no small potatoes Nancy & Chuck-U. 15.5% of something is better than 35% percent of nothing!

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