Happy New Year -Let’s Burn Some Cars!

Apparently this has been going on for years in France especially on New Year’s Eve but anytime people want to protest. According to Bare Naked Islam, more cars were torched this year than last year, though the French authorities don’t want you to know that they’ve lost control of this phenomenon.

“In the French suburbs, where there is a frightening preponderance of Muslim migrants and thugs, nothing says “Happy New Year” like their annual tradition of torching cars in the streets.

The number of vehicles set alight on the night of December 31st climbed from 935 a year ago to 1,031 this year. But fear not, French President Emmanuel Macron took to Twitter to denounce the “cowardly and criminal lynching of police officers doing their duty” and warned that the culprits would be “found and arrested”. Reality on the ground is somewhat different:

CORRECTION!!! Shhhh  … don’t tell anyone but more cars were torched by Muslim migrant youths around France on New Year’s Eve this year than last year.

Authorities have previously refrained from reporting on the number of torched cars on New Year’s Eve after it was discovered that a district-by-district breakdown was fueling destructive competition between rival Muslim gangs.

Ah, gotta love that multiculturalism!

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