Miami Mamas -Russian Birth Tourism; Another Flaw in Our Immigration System

It’s not just illegal immigrants from Mexico hopping over the border to give birth to anchor babies, it’s a flourishing business for Russians too. Apparently it’s a real status symbol in Russia for pregnant women to come to Miami to have their babies giving them instant American citizenship. At age 21 they can then sponsor their parents.

Obviously this is one more loophole in our immigration law that needs to be changed. The clause of the 14th Amendment that was long ago misinterpreted has people and our own government, believing that a foreigner born here is entitled to instant American citizenship. I can tell you it was not so intended.

Somehow I have not heard the issue of birthright citizenship included in the immigration discussion except by Donald Trump during the campaign, but it should be front and center right now as they are negotiating the DACA deal!

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