Carne a La Brasa -Chargrilled Meat In Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is a port city about 550 miles south of Santiago which we’ve just spent a week in. The town itself isn’t that big (pop ~250,000), and honestly sort of dirty and unexciting despite the nice photos you may find online, but it is the gateway to the Alpine lakes of the Andes. With a little driving (Mickey, not me!) and luck with the weather, which we had yesterday, we got outta town and had great views driving completely around Lago Ranco.

Lago Ranco with the Andes in background

And gritty city aside, we later happened upon a great restaurant past the end of the boardwalk fronting the bay called Cotelé. We had no reservations and they were booked, but the manager spoke fluent English (was born in Maryland to a Chilean mother & Argentine father and was stationed at Kaneohe marine base for 6 years!), and took pity on us and stuck us at a tiny table right by the door. No regrets!

We didn’t know it when we walked in but they have only beef on the menu & charge by the kilogram after selecting the cut you want shown to you at your table. Of course you get the regular starters of bread, sopapillas & pebre, which is also called salsa fresca and similar to our Pico de gallo.

The typical Chilean salad; lettuce, tomato & lots of avocado dressed with olive oil & fresh lemon

Salad and potato come with the meat and we rounded it out with some of the famous Chilean wine and a lemon tort for dessert!





Back to the bread for a minute. The cylindrical pieces you see pictured above were also chargrilled on a skewer over the fire right in the middle of the dining room.

That guy is turning the skewered bread






The grill where it all happens






This day, the beautiful lake and mountain views topped off with that fantastic dinner we have now set as the standard to be achieved every day.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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3 Responses to Carne a La Brasa -Chargrilled Meat In Puerto Montt

  1. Patricia Sullivan says:

    Does sound like an ideal day and I hope your future there unfolds as favorably. How cool that the guy at the door spent time in Kaneohe and showered a little Aloha spirit on you!

  2. Jason Lovett says:

    Love your travel section. I am so jealous. You didn’t mention, but aside from airfare, was it pricey?

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