The Volcanoic Geography of Chile

I never knew Chile had so many volcanoes. And they actually look like volcanoes (think Mt. Fuji), unlike Hawaii’s shield volcanoes which are more subtle.

About 500 volcanoes in Chile are potentially active, 36 are currently active and 44 have erupted at least once since 1820. In the last 20 years there have been 15 volcanic eruptions. All this volcanic activity makes for some dramatic scenery. You just have to get away from the city. Most of these photos were taken north of Puerto Montt.

Here is some of the spectacular scenery easily seen from the Lake Llanquihue area.

This one is called Orsorno







This is on the drive around Lego Ranco


Illustration of the Lake (Lago Ranco) and the surrounding mountains

Next it’s about an hour and a half back flight back to Santiago, then by car to Valparaiso which will be very different than what we’ve seen so far.

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