Whenever You See A Photo Like This, We’ve Just Been Screwed . . . . Again

This caption could say “We got away with it again.”

Whenever you see a photo like this with Senate Majority Leader McConnell & UpChuck Schumer (Senate Minority Leader) yucking it up together, you know we’ve just been screwed again.

They’re from opposing parties, but all they care about is the fact that the latest Omnibus Bill they’ve signed makes government much bigger and more powerful, gives them more of our money to spend and will cost us taxpayer-guys a lot for generations to come.

This is understandable from the Dims (not a typo!), but we used to think the Republicans were better than that. But what am I talking about, they’ve been right along with the Dims screwing us for a long time. The birth of the Tea Party started with Rick Santelli’s epic rant on CNBC in 2009 spurred on by Obama’s mortgage relief plan.

FYI here’s what our dirty rotten spineless Republicans are up to (hat-tip Mark Levin) in cahoots with the Dimocrats:

1)  Republicans are scheming to put in place a massive internet sales tax scheme

2)  Republicans are preparing to fully fund Planned Parenthood

3)  Republicans are preparing to extend Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty (DACA)

4)  Republicans are preparing to bailout insurance companies under Obamacare to the tune of $3Billion

5)   Republicans are preparing to advance more gun control measures

6)  Your Republican Congress is going to revive the Import/Export Bank which is Corporate welfare for multimillion dollar companies with taxpayer money

7)  Is preparing to give hundreds of millions of dollars for a tunnel to connect NY to NJ

8)  Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader is preparing to pull off a long sought earmark to further empower the National Senatorial Committee who’s moneys are used by McConnell to defeat conservative candidates running against establishment RINOs such as he did with Chris McDaniel who ran against Thad Cochran who has just announced he will resign due to health problems (80 yrs old).

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