The Census Bureau’s Long History Of Duplicity

All the brouhaha over President Trump wanting to add back to the 2020 Census the question about citizenship (Obama took it out in 2010) is just the typical posturing by the left. It’s “racist”, of course and it will result in an inaccurate Census because illegals will be frightened they’ll be rounded up by authorities and deported. Which sounds like a good idea to me! The more things we can do to have people afraid of being here illegally, the better. If we just made e-Verify mandatory instead of voluntary the problem would be half-solved, but back to the Census.

The Constitution provides for proportional representation in the U.S. House of Representatives and the seats in the House are granted based on state population. But what you probably did not know is that they count all people when figuring out if a state is eligible for additional representatives. Just in Southern California, between the Ventura County and the border (as of Feb 2017) there were roughly 1.4 million illegals. This means California (and all states with a sizeable illegal population) are getting more Representatives in the House (and federal dollars) than they should because they count all residents, not just citizens. 

       or, (3) Just walk across the damn border

And please don’t trust the government when they lie to you about their intentions for the use of Census data (or anything else). Under Democratic President Roosevelt over 127,000 United States citizens were imprisoned during World War II and the federal government confiscated millions of dollars in private property from American citizens of Japanese descent under Executive Order 9066. According to the Mises Institute the detentions & property confiscation were among the worst civil liberties violations in modern U.S. history and for 60 years the government lied about their role in this tragedy when they actually provided the Army with a roadmap to where targeted groups (remember they were American citizens!) lived. Bureaucrats & local governments have also used Census replies to launch code enforcement crackdowns on houses that have more residents than local laws permit.

But I do agree with this from an article found on The Hill:  It would be best to minimize Census intrusions for all people, but almost no one in Washington favors that. As long as the feds are going to spend $15 billion ($107 per household) on a data roundup in 2020, they may as well seek information about the legal status of immigrants — part of the equal opportunity hassling of everyone in the land.

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