Why Trump Killed The Iran Nuke Deal

Less than 24 hours ago conservative radio & TV personality Mark Levin interviewed National Security Advisor John Bolton after President Trump pulled out of the Iran Nuke deal. Bolton laid out exactly why Trump killed the deal.

As an aside the same people who whine & complain about how much the Wall would cost had no problem with Obama releasing $1.7B in CASH to Iran. Republicans have decried the payments as ransom as according to the LA Times, four American prisoners were released the same day Tehran as the initial $400 million of euros, Swiss francs and other foreign currency was delivered on pallets Jan. 17th in the dark of night. That $1.7B was later followed up by the release of previously frozen Iranian assets of $150B.

Everyone now knows that the money went to Iranian sponsored funding terrorism all over the globe, not helping their cash-strapped economy which was the result of the very effective sanctions. The cash payments likely sweetened the deal Obama so desperately wanted which in his twisted mind translated toward his vision of a denuclearized world.

But in reality the Iran nuke deal was terrible from the start. As John Bolton made clear in the interview with Mark Levin.

To sum up Bolton’s points this terrible Iran nuclear deal:

  • gave cover to Iran to further their goal of developing deliverable nuclear weapons
  • removed the effective economic sanctions that were crippling Iran & their terrorist activities including armed intrusion around the world (Yemen, Syria & Iraq)
  • never required Iran to stop funding terrorist groups like Hamas & Hezbollah
  • did not shutdown Iran’s path to nuclear weapons
  • was self-inspected. There were no “anytime, anyplace” 3rd party inspections allowed
  • did not touch their ballistic missile development program which is only for the purpose of reaching U.S. with nukes

There were undisclosed side deals, a vigorous mis-information campaign to the public and it was unconstitutional. The weaklings in the Republican Party, most notably Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator Bob Corker handed it to Obama by circumventing the treaty clause which would have required 2/3rds approval by the Senate. The Senate would never have passed it constitutionally. Luckily, Obama did it by unilateral executive fiat which allowed Trump to undo it the same way!

#MAGA and all that stuff!

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