In the Event You Had Any Doubt About the Evils of Facebook

I’ll be the first to admit I do not trust the sincerity of Muslims. Perhaps because I know too much about their evil teachings, their quiet acceptance for what’s in the Quran, their treatment of women, gays, children ~especially female children, female genital mutilation, the concept of taqiyya (the sanctioned lying to gain the upper hand over the enemy) **we are all their enemy** and on and on. But like everything there must be exceptions to the rule.

Mohammad Tawhidi is a “reformist imam” from Australia who uses Facebook (I like to call it Farcebook) and other social media platforms to counter the ideology of Islamic extremism. He regularly criticizes terrorist attacks that happen all over the world hoping to establish peace. He recently commented on Farcebook sarcastically about Hamas after they launched a missile into a kindergarten in Israel targeting Jewish children (schools & hospitals being a favorite target for these pigs). As a result Farcebook banned him with no option to appeal. This is his public appeal since he has no avenue to talk to Zuckerberg or anyone else at Farcebook.

I still believe Islam is a totalitarian political ideology stuck in the 7th century, not a religion and certainly not the “religion of peace” as it is often referred to by those unwilling to see, but this guy, Mohammad Tawhidi is at least trying to make a difference in the world. Marc Zuckerberg is pond scum and Farcebook is his vehicle to support liberal, progressive, Islamic lies and hate, among all the rest of what’s found there. Farcebook is the number one “news” source worldwide, so it has tremendous influence. Zuckerberg is to be vilified and scorned. If you are still on Facebook I ask you, wtf?

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