The war on free enterprise, private property and individuals

Private property has served as a cornerstone of our freedom from our very founding. The Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable government seizure of private property. “No person shall be deprived of … property, without due process of law.” The U.S. Constitution and nearly every state constitution allows condemnations only for public use. According to, the government had once been restricted from taking private property except when required for the public good, such as building a fort during a time of war.

That protection mostly went down the drain with a Supreme Court ruling in 2005 (Kelo v. City of New London) which severally undermined the protections afforded by the Takings Clause and greatly expanded the government’s power to seize private property when they determined that “economic development” constituted a “public use” that justified the taking of private property through eminent domain. The Kelo case opened the floodgates and eminent domain is now being abused all over the country.

Beware of government planning. It is designed to centralize government’s power and push us into their prescribed little boxes. Learn about “Sustainable development” because it is gaining power in every state and municipality and forcing massive regulations and restrictions on us and the way we choose to live. In the inner cities they routinely bulldoze low-income and ethnic neighborhoods and replace them with glitzy, expensive high-rise condos which the people displaced cannot afford, forcing them into government housing and welfare programs from which there is no escape.

We must stop this assault on American freedom.

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