This is what it’s come to folks.

Our culture, our decency, the mere thought of hearing an opposing opinion it’s all dead. Gone and destroyed by the progressive left.

Protestors in the Hart Senate Building

They want to protect abortion so badly they will stoop to any level and they have. And who really believes Brett Kavanaugh is gonna jump right in there and overturn Roe v Wade? I’ll be the first to say it was a bad ruling in from the get-go (should have been left to the States per the 10th Amendment!), but that’s not how the courts work and they’ll never overturn it. It ain’t gonna happen.

They are willing to burn down all of our sacred institutions (public education, family, Christianity, marriage, free speech, religious freedom and on and on) to get their way. I’m not sure what it is they want, but they’re well on their way to destroying another American institution.

Once the 2nd accuser floated to the surface like the turd she is, the Senate Judiciary Chair, Chuck Grassley, should have got a clue. This is an orchestrated attack to keep control of the Supreme Court so they can keep right on nationalizing social issues. And isn’t it too bad the Republicans don’t have a spine nor a single pair of nads in the entire group?

And if any of you have young boys you better start schooling them for the future. This is gonna be the playbook strategy for defeating any male opposition at any level for any reason. They want us all to become dykes and don our pussy hats whenever we don’t get our way. Sorry, I’m not gonna do it. Oh and BTW it’s all about destroying this presidency. Everything from the NY Times, Washington Post, the media or the left in general must be seen through that lens. Trump wasn’t supposed to get elected so their #! goal is to destroy him.

If this keeps up Trump could be the last democratically elected president. Hat-tip Armstrong Economics. From here on out, it could be more what Joseph Stalin boasted – elections are not decided by the votes, but who counts the votes.

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One Response to This is what it’s come to folks.

  1. Sandra Gray says:

    I do not understand how this works. Women want all the rights, in all walks of life, that men have. But when a woman drinks too much and goes and gets in a strange bed and a man sees this behavior and joins her, then it is entirely the mans fault if anything sexual occurs.

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