Public Union: Public Enemy

I’m not sure what the Democrats have unleashed in this Kavanaugh confirmation circus, but I doubt it will be good. There are so many other things we need to be paying attention to.

I know we don’t have the time or energy to pay attention to things that really matter like crippling debt, unfunded liabilities and the total dysfunction in our federal government, but we do have non-stop entertainment from people like Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono and the rest of the goons on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But somehow lazy, mouthy Mazie found it acceptable to take campaign contributions from a Democrat who admitted hitting his wife, and looked the other way regarding Senator Daniel Inouye had his own #MeToo moment years ago. Oh and don’t forget about all the secret tax-payer funded pay-offs to women who’d been harassed by (mostly Democratic) Congressmen & Senators?

It’s a sad time for America is all I can say.

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