What the left can screw up for the rest of us

Columbus Day celebrating the landing of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492 has been tossed to the dustbin of history. We can no longer celebrate Columbus Day, it’s now Indigenous Peoples Day because of Columbus’s enslavement and exploitation of native people. According to the Washington Post, Columbus Day has been a federal holiday since 1934. But numerous cities and states have ditched celebrating it since 1992, when Berkeley, Calif. (where else??), became the first city to rename the holiday Indigenous Peoples Day in favor of recognizing Native Americans.

Of course evil never rests. The left has just spent the last few weeks demonizing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his family and friends because of their obsession that Roe v Wade would be surely be overturned if we got another conservative on the highest court.

When that didn’t work and it looked like he was going to get confirmed they went for the jugular in the form of false sexual allegations. Trouble is they piled on and each allegation designed to create more doubt just pissed people off more. They didn’t win the battle but they managed to sully the entire nomination process, the Senate and themselves in the process. The latter is the only good thing about it. They may have kicked the beehive of otherwise Republican mid-term apathy that will come back to bite them. And I hope it does!

So what else can they wreck? Unfortunately there is no end to this madness.

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