BLEXIT -the black exodus from the Democratic Party

You’ve heard of Brexit, the Britain’s exit from the European Union, well now in America there’s BLEXIT, only this is the exodus of blacks from the Democratic Party. Democrats have counted on and received about 90% voting loyalty from blacks for decades, but blacks are now experiencing a revolution in thinking. They’re starting to look around their communities, many of which have been run by Democrats for the last 100 years and are awakening to the fact that things have not gotten better. In too many cities the black communities are riddled with crime, poverty, economic stagnation and failing schools.

Some of the credit must go to President Trump who asked the question many times during his campaign:  “What has the Democratic Party done for the black community?” And possibly more important, “What have they got to lose?”, meaning they should consider switching parties to the Republicans.

Let’s review some simple facts:

  • Democrats have made the Civil Rights movement into a Civil Rights Industry (Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, CNN & Don Lemon, etc.)
  • Democrats are against school choice because they don’t want parents to be able to take their kids out of failing schools
  • Democratic political leaders get elected by capitalizing on & monetizing ‘white guilt’ (blame white people, slavery, etc.)
  • Democrats encourage the chain of poverty by pushing welfare, food stamps and other government give-aways
  • Democrats started the KKK & the first Grand Wizard was certified at a DNC convention in 1868
  • Democrats favors abortion that has decimated the black community. Margaret Sanger is a hero of the Democrats.
  • Democrats voted over and over to keep slavery in place
  • Democrats have allowed women to marry the government & men to abandon their financial support of their children

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