The “Hamas Caucus” made up of newly elected Anti-Semites in Congress

Think of yourself on a bad hair day. I have them often, mostly because I am lazy and like a “wash ‘n wear” hair style. Let’s be honest to have your hair look its best takes a little bit of effort, some hair product (which I don’t like either), time & patience. But imagine if you didn’t have any hair at all. You’d likely crave those bad hair days.

Bonnie Watson Coleman is a US Representative from New Jersey, a Democrat who was barred from wearing a hat on the floor of the House based on an age-old rule as a push-back against the British custom to wear hats in parliament. Coleman is bald as a result of chemotherapy treatments and would remove her hat in keeping with the rule. She didn’t like it but got used to it. There have been Orthodox Jewish men serving in the House but this rule was never changed so they could where their traditional yamaka.

Enter newly elected Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, (Hat-tip Clarion Project), she’s the first Muslim woman to be elected to Congress and the Democrats have changed a 181 year-old rule & tradition in Congress banning hats to allow Ilhan Omar to wear a habib (headscarf) when she assumes office in the new Congress.

Surely you remember Omar, the Somali refugee who married her brother to assist him with his immigration endeavors. Doesn’t strike a bell? Maybe the fact that she was and still is under investigation for campaign finance violations helps to bring her into focus for you. And by the way she’s a Anti-Israel despite her campaign rhetoric that she was not in favor of the BDS movement. BDS is a Palestinian-led movement against Israel. BDS = Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Israeli “occupiers”. They also promote and support the terror group Hamas. In fact independent investigative reporter Laura Loomer has dubbed the several Anti-Semites newly elected to Congress as the Hamas Caucus.

I don’t know them all (though I see the popular Socialist, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez), but I intend to find out who they all are so I can monitor their shenanigans over the coming year.

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2 Responses to The “Hamas Caucus” made up of newly elected Anti-Semites in Congress

  1. Sandy Gray says:

    How can the Dems by themselves change the law? Did the Republicans go along?

    • Mikie says:

      It wasn’t a law, just a 181 year-old rule in the House. Now that the Dems have the majority they get to change the rule. Probably not likely to bite them like Harry Reid’s rule change (the nuclear option) did.

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