Free speech in Canada died today. Trudeau to pay “selected trusted” sources in the media.

Hat-tip Michelle Rimpell via Twitter. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just announced a $600M initiative to give money to “journalists” who are “trusted sources”. Criteria to be set by people appointed by Trudeau. The goal is to protect an independent press. What? How do you have an independent press if you’re feeding the journalists?

This is terrible. As Michelle says, think about the states where the government owns the media. China & Russia for a start. WTF?

What’s more scary is that CNN commentator Carl Bernstein (of Woodward & Bernstein’s Watergate fame) favors recording, censoring and then releasing their sanitized version of President Trump’s press conferences . . . . because they’re all lies and propaganda. See that short video here. This is not so much different that what Prime Minister Trudeau is proposing except Bernstein’s version of protecting free speech would cost CNN and not taxpayers. But either way, we’re all losers.

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