Why Republicans will never win another election in California

The Constitution has only a few requirements for those seeking federal office (citizenship, age, etc.) but per Article l, Section 4 of the Constitution, “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators & Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.” This leaves elections up to the individual states to regulate and run.

Too many illegals are easily voting in our elections 

I do not think we should federalize our elections for the same reason I am opposed to the feds getting their hands on anything, namely because whatever the feds touch turns to crap. But if more blue states, that is Democratic run states, follow the prescription California has for running elections we’re done as a free society. As it stands now the laws and election rules enacted by the solidly Democratic California State Assembly pretty much ensure that Republicans will never win another election in California again. And once the formula is out of the bag, the other states will follow suit. You know what they say, “as California goes, so goes the nation”.

   Activists resist allowing states to clean up their voter rolls resulting in many “dead” people voting 

Hat-tip to Mark Levin in his recounting of an Op Ed in the Washington Times by Shawn Steel. For example on election night Orange County (once a solid Republican stronghold) had candidate Young Kim ahead by 14 points but a week later her lead had evaporated and she lost. In fact California lost 7 seats in the House. Voter fraud? Some for sure, but Democrats have figured out it’s easier to erode voter integrity laws than to cheat as much as it would take to sway most elections. Here’s a sampling of how they do it.

  • Non-Citizen Voting – more and more communities are granting illegals the right to vote in local elections (the next step is obvious)
  • Inmate Voting – they conduct aggressive voter registration drives in County jails
  • Felon Voting – by downgrading sentencing in California’s radical criminal justice experiment, felonies turn into misdemeanors allowing what once were felons to vote
  • Motor Voter Fraud –Every person in California that interacts with the Department of Motor Vehicles is automatically registered to vote. This has resulted in tens of thousands of duplicate registrations (and double voting).
  • 16-and-17 Year-Old Voter Pre-Registration -a thinly veiled effort to capture young (already indoctrinated after K-12 schooling in our public schools) voters
  • Absentee Ballots Automatically Mailed to Every Voter – whether or not requested
  • Ballot Harvesting – illegal in most states, but not California where Democratic operatives go door to door collecting absentee ballots to “deliver” for the voter
  • Ballots Accepted Up to Week After Election Day -absentee ballots need only be postmarked by election day but will still be counted up to 3 days later. Likewise ballots sent to the wrong county get another 4 days to be rerouted to the correct district.
  • Second Chance for Rejected Ballots – Democratic operatives call anyone whose ballot was rejected for whatever reason & gives them another chance to cast their vote. They know from previous voter data who are the Democratic voters.

The Democrats scream that every vote should be counted but that’s wrong, only eligible votes should be counted. I’ve said it for years we should go back to a single election day and get rid of all the other opportunities for fraud like early voting, absentee ballots (except for the military), same day registration, etc.

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