Update to Project Veritas exposé! Google took the video down. But here’s another site to view it.

Hat-tip Tea Party Patriots:

“Google removed the Project Veritas video from YouTube yesterday (don’t forget, YouTube is a Google product). And why not? The video showed a Google executive, admitting that the company has a responsibility to “prevent another Trump situation” from happening. She even went so far as to say that breaking up Google would be a bad thing because it would take a big, powerful company like Google to stop another 2016 from happening. Or, in other words, they intend to influence an election. There’s no way Google wanted this out in the public domain. So, they will do everything they can to suppress this information”.

Use this alternate site to see the video if you have not had a chance to view it. And be sure to pass this new video site on to your family & friends.

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