A warning from Yugoslavia -Don’t make the same mistake that we did

This is a known tactic, but we seem to be falling for it.  Hat-tip Armstrong Economics.

The real enemies in our country just as they were in Yugoslavia are the elected officials of our government, in our states and our courts; representatives, governors, mayors and judges. They are the ones pulling the strings.

Don’t believe it? Why have many state prosecutors released rioters & looters caught red-handed in the act of burning and destroying private & public property? Why has the St. Louis couple had their legally obtained & licensed weapons confiscated and been charged with a felony for rightfully protecting their property and themselves? Why are many states instituting “no-cash bail” policies or calling theft up to $900 “petty misdemeanors”?

I urge you to watch this video and listen carefully. Her accent is strong, but her English is perfect. Listen to it twice if you need to. Pay attention and pass it on! As she said, “If we, the free people of the world lose America, we lose the world.”

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