This made my day!

If you travel much you may agree that one of the very best things about traveling is the cool little restaurants you find along the way. It’s a chance to try out different foods and local favorites. I am so glad we got to visit Washington D.C. and New York City when we did because I’m afraid those cites may be ruined for a long time due to rioting, looting and just the devastation from the lock-downs. May Mayor DeBlasio get his due someday! York City, particularly Manhattan (you know, Time Square, Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes, all the theaters and restaurants) has now been boarded up and many left to junkies, rioters, looters and other various street scum. It’s sad because NYC was a great city and a special place to visit. Not so much anymore, but I did get a lift today when I learned that one of our favorite haunts for breakfast when we were there is OPEN! Morning Star Cafe. Not sure if it’s just take-out, but at least it’s open.

The Morning Star Cafe at 949 Second Avenue is open again for business. Reduced hours (they used to be open 24/7) of course, but they’re there. It made my day and I wish them the best of luck.

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