The lowdown on the Biden Crime Family

Oh dear I guess Big Brother did not like people seeing this! YOUTUBE censored it.

The FakeNews refuses to cover it, Twitter & Farcebook have censored it, but the intrepid warrior Tucker Carlson is more interested in telling Americans, and the world really, the truth. Watch this riveting interview with Tony Bobulinski aired on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson show last night. With more to come this evening, by the way.

Please pass this along to everyone who has likely not see this- especially to those who are likely to vote for Joe Biden. Our Republic is at stake in this election and the forces are against us.

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One Response to The lowdown on the Biden Crime Family

  1. Linda Sauer says:

    Great….the video is blocked!! But I was able to read the transcript this morning….crazy thing my iPad wouldn’t load the video…hmmm I’ve ordered another one because mine is so old it won’t take the uploads but for some off reason…it uploads others seems to only have trouble with Fox. Must be just a coincidence, huh? NOT!!

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