The whole system is rigged

In case you missed it Kevin Clinesmith, the former FBI lawyer who pleaded guilty to “falsifying a document” in the sprawling and contentious Russia investigation was sentenced yesterday. Is he going to jail? Oh hell no, he got 10 months probation and 400 hour of community service. It’s not like they are making an example of him. he was the ONLY one indicted for the Russia hoax. Here are some more of the rigging:

Joe Pienka who supervised the fake FISA scam – promoted

Jen Boone who supervised the fake FISA scam -promoted

Kevin McCabe, who lied about leaks -not even charged

James Comey, leaked classified documents -not even charged

As Dinesh D’Souza points out pretty clearly that the entire system is rigged. Big tech has shut down our communication, taking out all opposition. Under Biden we no longer build walls to keep criminals & illegals out of the country, but they are building a PERMANENT fence (fortified with concertina wire) around the Capitol to keep the American people away from our government officials.

Police Chief Wants A Permanent Fence Built Around The U.S. Capitol | Here & Now
The “Peoples House”. Ha-ha-ha.

Who has an inauguration with 30,000 armed troops standing by? Maybe North Korean or Communist Chinese dictators, but has America ever done this before? No!

The KungFlu (sorry Biden you can’t tell me what I can say!) data has been rigged since day one. First masks don’t work, but now they work and 2 masks are better than one. BTW, have you heard about the new COVID tests in China? It’s an anal swab! Mooning has taken on a whole new meaning. How is it that flu deaths are almost non-existent in 2020? Because people have been washing their hand more and using sanitizer? No, it’s because the CARES Act (Covid relief scam) pays hospitals $13k for every reported COVID death. Duh!

We know the justice system is rigged after seeing over 50 cases denied hearings in the rigged presidential election. The courts did not weigh the evidence and rule, they refused to examine the evidence -yes the voter fraud was widespread and it did affect the election outcome. So we know elections are now always rigged. With the Robinhood whistleblower the final nail is in the coffin for our financial system. It’s all rigged!

Remember, we’re all in this together. (oh, except for all government employees, politicians, teachers, and all public sector union members. all of whom are still getting paid, have full benefits and pensions).

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is all coming so fast, faster than we could of ever imagined. May God help us!😥

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