It’s ‘Hate Whitey’ Month again!

This is so funny. Much funnier than the lame, woke Super Bowl commercials. Yes, I tuned in to watch the game as it was supposed to be a great match-up. I was disappointed but Tampa Bay won fair and square and I’ll bet Bill Belichick is thinking right about now he may have let Brady go a little prematurely. But, I digress.

Be sure to read some of the comments after the video.

Remember, we’re all in this together. (oh, except for all government employees, politicians, teachers, and all public sector union members. all of whom are still getting paid, have full benefits and pensions).

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3 Responses to It’s ‘Hate Whitey’ Month again!

  1. Linda Sauer says:

    OMG!! No, I didn’t watch the Super Bowl (no cable) but I was hoping Tom Brady and the Buccaneers would win. The Black National Anthem??? Yep…I looked it up apparently was written in 1900, it was written as a poem then set to music. BUT….to be played before the National Anthem is absolutely absurd and now it looks like that has set a precedent! Good God….what next….rename the USA?? I guess soon we can expect “I’m proud to be an American” to be revised!!

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  2. noneed2know says:

    You may have missed the real pre-game show – – – Enjoy, Arnie

    • paualready says:

      Yeah what a difference a few years makes, huh? It’s going downhill at warp speed under Biden.

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