CNN (Communist News Network) puts out a real whopper

I almost choked when I heard this one. Of course the persuasion game to get everyone vaccinated never ends, and the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ never ends either, but CNN recently claimed that

“People who got COVID-19 vaccines were not only less likely to die from the virus, but they were less likely to die from any cause over the following months.”

This gentleman, Dr. Ryan Cole of America’s Frontline Doctors may not agree -and he has the proof! Check this out and pass it around to everyone who wants the truth and not the CNN bullcrap about the vaccines.

Remember, we’re all in this together! Oh, except for Congress and their staffs, who have exempted themselves from vaccine mandates and have access to Ivermectin which they prevent us from using. And remember when the FBI and the DOJ used to be our friends? Not anymore. They are tools of the Biden Administration to punish anyone opposing them. Wake-up sheeple!

Aloha, Mikie (just a blogger, fighting like a girl)

2 Responses to CNN (Communist News Network) puts out a real whopper

  1. LINDA SAUER says:

    Wow….that was a very impressive video and especially because of his credentials! Of course I googled him and now it looks like Washington state and Idaho are investigating him on his medical claims about the vax. It just doesn’t end does it? Having another opinion is against the law.

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  2. Sandra Gray says:



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