I know we’re all sick of COVID, but this is compelling. PLEASE watch this video!

“Crisis of the Un-vaxxed”? Not so much. In fact it’s just the opposite. It’s the vaccinated who are dying, who are hospitalized, who are being harmed at a dramatic rate!

Attorney Tom Renz recently testified before Senator Ron Johnson’s Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee with the facts gathered from whistle blowers in the Dept of Defense as well as data from the Defense Medical Surveillance System (DMSS), which tracks billing codes for medical diagnoses among service members.

Among other things, the data from DMSS shows a dramatic increase in the first ten months of 2021 (after the push for everyone to get vaccinated) in certain diagnosis codes, over the prior 5-year average for the same diagnoses:

  • a 300% increase in miscarriages
  • a 300% increase in cancer diagnoses
  • a 269% increase in myocardial infarction
  • a 291% increase in Bell’s palsy
  • a 467% increase in pulmonary embolisms
  • a 1000% increase in neurological diagnoses

Renz pointed out that the 2020 diagnosis codes for the same conditions do NOT show similar increases, which seems to rule out Covid-19 as a possible cause. Remember these are stats, thanks to numerous whistle-blowers, comes from solely within the Dept. of Defense. They keep their own records and this has all been disclosed before Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Fauci, Big Pharma, the media have been lying to all of us all along!

If you’ve had the jab, don’t take ANY of the boosters. If you are what Herr Fauci likes to call “fully vaccinated & boosted”, it’s time to do some research on how to mitigate the possible damage coming your way!

Remember, we’re all in this together! Oh, except for Congress and their staffs, who have exempted themselves from vaccine mandates and have access to Ivermectin which they prevent us from using. And remember when the FBI and the DOJ used to be our friends? Not anymore. They are tools of the Biden Administration to punish anyone opposing them. Wake-up sheeple!

Aloha, Mikie (just a blogger, fighting like a girl)

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