States Are Trying To Stop US Courts From Ceding To Sharia Law

April 25, 2017

Our courts have been slowly ceding to Sharia Law. It’s happening to some degree or another is every area of the country. Pro-sharia activist and Palestinian agitator who fund-raises for The Muslim Brotherhood and is known to pal around with terrorists, Linda Sarsour has been tapped to give the commencement speech by a division of CUNY, (City University of New York), a taxpayer funded University. According to CBS New York at least one state Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) said Sarsour’s activisim – and her support of Sharia Law – makes her unfit to by the speaker at the June commencement. Let’s see if she get yanked from the program as quickly conservative speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Colter and the likes. Of course Obama, the anti-semite that he his named her a “champion of change.”

It was a close vote (5-4) but the city of Irving, Texas last year banned Sharia Law by backing a Texas state bill banning foreign law from the state. Just as the Islamic State and Muslim immigrants have promised, the first tangible installation of Sharia law had been established and in the most unlikely of places, Texas. This Sharia Court, being called an “Islamic Tribunal,” has a “voluntary” court room, which openly admits it would have Sharia law trump Constitutional law if the two conflict, is being run by four individuals that have ZERO licenses to practice law in the state of Texas. All four members appear to be practicing “law” without a license and presenting themselves as lawyers, which is a very real third degree felony. This is what happens when you let too many radical Muslims in the US. I’m sorry, but they want to take over and they admit to be willing to subvert the US Constitution.

As of Oct. 2016 at least 16 states have banned Islamic Sharia Law. Of course each time another state wises up, CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) files a law suit claiming islamaphobia and calls us all racists. But do you want young girls as young as 6 or 7 suffering FGM -female genital mutilation because that is the practice under Sharia Law? Authorities have charged a second doctor, along with his wife, with assisting a physician who was arrested in Michigan last week for performing female genital mutilation procedures on several young girls. You can’t be having women enjoying sex you know under Sharia Law that’s reserved for men only. Yee gads. Pay attention people to the creeping Sharia in America.

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The Left’s Obsession With Diversity Will Be Our Ruination

October 12, 2016

Islam’s greatest weapon to conquer America is the courts, hat-tip

sharia-will-dominateIt’s a mayor here, a city council majority there, a few American trained lawyers working for CAIR or the ACLU, putting on those designer suits and advocating for Islamists and their so-called ‘civil’ liberties and freedom loving Americans don’t stand a chance.


                          One can wish!

London recently elected a Muslim mayor is telling US immigrants not to assimilate. Wait a minute. They should not have to fit into the societies and cultures that accept them and provide billions of dollars in welfare, housing and food stamps as well as education and medical care? How crazy is that?

Well it not just this Islamist-linked Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor who believes we should all just roll over, it’s pervasive among the Muslim refugee community and it’s a pervasive American obsession with diversity common to all the left’s social justice, “we love everyone no matter where they come from or how they behave (or don’t!) attitude”. Remember we’re all xenophobic racists for wanting to maintain our culture, our way of life and our security.

Back to Walid Shoebat,

“The most dangerous Islamic terrorist today does not put on a headscarf and strap a bomb to himself while randomly shooting people with an AK-47, but he is clean-shaven wearing a designer-brand suit and carrying a briefcase while going to court each morning on behalf of his clients”.

Legislation in America comes through the courts as Shoebat explains. With enough Muslim lawyers it’s only a matter of time before a few become judges and despite all the oaths of office taken many will choose Sharia law over US law in meting out their justice. Who knows how long before it will take one of those Sharia-loving Muslim lawyers to become a Supreme Court justice -who currently enjoy lifetime positions? Would Hillary Clinton nominate that person to the Supreme Court? You bet your sweet A$$ she would and the entire left-leaning mainstream media would pile on, beating down anyone opposed to it.

Just saying.

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Why Are These Muslims So Happy? Have They Killed Or Raped An Infidel? Have They Thrown A Homosexual Off The Roof?

November 13, 2015

muslim-majority-city-councilNo these Muslims are happy because they have just been elected to the first Muslim-majority City Council in Hamtramck, Michigan (hat-tip Pamela Geller). And immediately thereafter declared that the once Polish majority dating back to the 1900s, and everyone else, be on notice. This is the first majority Muslim City Council not only in Hamtramck but in the entire country. – And you can bet it won’t be the last. And can Sharia law be far behind?

Here is how it works. Remember The Holy Quran teaches ‘Convert or die’. Muslim fundamentalists practice what is called ‘civilization jihad’, the infiltration of our civil institutions and government and insidious information dominance. 51% of Muslims living in America believe “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to sharia. Terrorist acts in the US have increased. Beheadings on American soil, honor killings, the military recruiting center murders, the knife attack in Merced recently. I could go on and on.

The apologists and PC libtards bend over backward not to offend. If anyone criticizes the ideology of Islam, jihad or Sharia, CAIR spins it to an attack on the Muslim people. But of course that’s the rage these days, just look at the college campuses where the poor little darlings (molly coddled pukes) need “safe spaces” free from any opposing opinion or hurtful words so they can pursue their educational excellence without provocation -you know like gender studies, etc. Geeze, what’s the world coming to?

If you want a preview look to Europe. That ship has sailed and the people have swallowed the kool-aid to the point they don’t even realize it yet. They soon will but by then it will be too late.

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Institutionalized Misogyny in the Islamic Culture is Condoned by the Left in Western Countries

April 8, 2015

The leaders of the Islamic countries our leaders wheel and deal with (as in the historic peace deal Iran) perpetuate this institutionalized misogyny. The left in this country whines incessantly about the Republican’s  war on women. Hillary Clinton no doubt intends to campaign on the rights of women and all she has supposedly done for women worldwide, but inconvenient truth is that the Clinton Foundation has taken millions of dollars from Muslim countries (while Hillary was Sectry of State) who support this institutionalized misogyny. In Islamic countries a women’s life if secondary or worse.

Now yet another institution of higher learning in American, this time the University of South Dakota is censoring free speech under heavy pressure from CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations). USD had already cancelled a scheduled showing of Honor Diaries at their Women & Gender Conference, but another is scheduled for April 10 ~unless they succumb to the pressure from groups like the Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR.

At some point political correctness and the fear of being called bigots has got to fall by the wayside and it has to come from the top down. That’s why it’s called leadership.

Help pass liberty on to the next generation!

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You Still Think it’s Smart To Keep Your Kids in Govt (Public) Schools?

March 20, 2015

Government schools (more commonly referred to as public schools) are injurious to your children, their future and to our country. Hat-tip Pamela Geller.

stop islamization in our public schoolsThis has been going on far longer than most parents know, let alone the general public. Radical Islamic groups have infiltrated every aspect of our lives (our government, our schools, our churches, etc.) with the single intent of converting infidels to Islam & instituting Sharia Law.

According to Geller creator of Atlas Shrugs website, students at Pine Bush High School in Pine Bush, New York were shocked & outraged to hear over the intercom recently, the Pledge of Allegiance recited in Arabic.


You’re kidding right?? No and the outrage among students was so significant that the school issued an apology.

“We sincerely apologize for having the Pledge of Allegiance recited this morning in the high school in a language other than English”.

Huh? I’d like to know whose bright idea this was? It had to have been approved by someone in the administration. That means they were alright with the Islamization of our children in our public schools. Teachers are preaching the liberal ideology.

Geller says,
“Our schoolhouses have become places where Christianity is marginalized and Islam is given accommodation.”

This is not an isolated incident as evidenced here, here & here. If you still think it’s a good idea for your kids or grandkids to attend public schools (liberal indoctrination centers) it’s time to rethink that idea or at the very least give them a good solid education of the truth and what they are being subjected to so that they can stand against this ideology every time they are subjected to it.

Help pass liberty on to the next generation.

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The Language Liars; The Leftists, Lib-tards & Dam-o-crats Hijack The Language to Perpetuate Their Agenda. The GOP Lies Because They’re Politicians

January 12, 2015

Here’s a glaring example, the “Affordable Care Act”, you know Obamacare. Affordable? Really? Or how about the term liberal? The libs are so liberal -right up until the time you disagree with them, then they want to censor you, shut down free speech, etc. The libs dominating today’s universities and colleges don’t want to hear the truth about Islam’s horrible treatment of women or gays or infidels so Ms. Ali who has experienced first-hand the barbarous treatment of women was uninvited to speak at the Brandeis University graduation. Her free speech rapidly became hate speech. They’re right there in solidarity with Charlie Hedbo (the French newspaper that printed the offending cartoons resulting in 17 deaths in Paris last week), but the New York Times won’t reprint the offending cartoons because they don’t want to be seen as Islamphobic.

The ministry of truthPlanned Parenthood is another lie of language. They spend well over 90% of it funding on abortions not parenthood! That’s always been the way with liberals, the lies and twisted language, in today’s world of instant gratification, texting, live-stream vs. reading, etc., it’s even more pronounced. They don’t expect anyone to really go beyond the latest tweet, read the facts or understand anything beyond the label or headline.

Global warming became climate change once the news of the altered emails and junk science was exposed and the last few harsh winters didn’t do much for the warming thing, so it’s polar vortex to the rescue! Now gun control is morphing into gun safety because the word control has well, such a controlling feel to it in the land of the free and the home of the brave, so it’s time to switch up the language once again.

Both sides LieThe libs & leftists are the biggest offenders, but in the interest in veracity the Republicans lie too as demonstrated by the massive $1.1 trillion CRomnibus bill just rushed through Congress last December. Don’t fall for it from either side! Help pass liberty on to the next generation. Tell the truth and keep telling it because if you don’t the language liars will win.

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Are You Sick ‘n Tired of Our Newspapers Filled With Worldwide Muslim Violence?

October 1, 2013

Has killing and maiming in the name of Allah will become the new normal? The Muslim Caliphate (the ultimate Muslim dream) is to bring every square inch of this planet under Islam and convert/subdue all remaining Infidels under the all-inclusive Sharia Law.Islam will dominate Islam at white house

What can you do?

Join ACT! for America and educate yourselves about American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) and help ACT institute ALAC in all 50 states.

ACT! for America has played a key role in getting American Laws for American Courts passed in Tennessee, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. ALAC prohibits state judges from applying foreign law, which can include sharia law.

In addition to the 5 states where ALAC has passed, ACT! for America has identified several other states where ALAC has come close to passing or there are good opportunities for passage in 2014. This is an all-out GRASSROOTS EFFORT to persuade state legislatures to pass ALAC. Here are the states:

AR    CO    FL    GA    ID    IN    IA    KY    ME    MI    MS    MO    MT    NE    NH    NM    OH    PA    SC    TX    UT    WA    WI    WY

Click on your state and sign the petition – and/or send the link to friends in these states and share on social media.

Why all the fuss?

There is a growing trend across America for judges to apply or support foreign law in cases such as family law. This is problematic because there are instances where foreign laws do not provide constitutional protections to all parties in such cases.

Over the past several years there have been over fifty cases in 22 states where sharia law was applied and consequently deprived America citizens of their Constitutional rights. With pressure from groups like the ACLU, CAIR, the Muslim Student Assoc & ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) that corrupt our country and institutions from within, it’s past time to forestall the destruction wrought by enforcing only American Laws & the US Constitution in our American Courts!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

A Burka Saves The Day, And What’s Coming Our Way If US Policy Doesn’t Change PDQ

August 8, 2013

Keep this heart-wrenching story in mind as you ponder just why our US foreign policy is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Re-post from the Clarion Project story of Aug 6, 2013:

UK Mother Dons Burka in Daring Rescue of Kidnapped Daughter

The mother had not seen her daughter for two years after the girl’s father abducted her without warning and took her to Egypt.burqa eyes

A British mother whose daughter was abducted and taken to Egypt by her Egyptian father rescued the toddler after disguising herself with a burka and snatching the young girl off the street.

Alex Abou-El-Ella, who had not seen her three-year old daughter Mona for two years, received help from British author Donya Al-Nahi, who has been nicknamed “Jane Bond” for masterminding countless “operations” to rescue children snatched by Arab fathers.

The abduction by Mona’s father came without warning. Two years ago, Mr. Abou-El-Ella told his wife he was going to visit friends in Hounslow, a short distance from Heathrow airport, and took Mona with him. Instead, he went to the airport, bought tickets to Cairo on EgyptAir and boarded the plane without a passport for Mona.

Police, the Serious Organized Crime Agency and Interpol were all put on red alert when Mona disappeared, but no one had been able to retrieve Mona.

During the two years, Alex had intermittent phone contact with her daughter, with her husband periodically threatening to cut off it off altogether. She was told by police that there was nothing could be done since the UK has no extradition treaty with Egypt.

Despite warnings by the Foreign Office not to travel to Egypt, Alex decided to embark on a daring rescue attempt herself. Together with Al-Nahi, Alex flew to Egypt and found the apartment where Mona was living with relatives. The next day they spotted Mona walking near the apartment with an aunt.

The two hired a trusted driver. Alex, disguised herself by wearing a burka, with her face hidden by a black veil. The plan almost failed when Alex stumbled on the unfamiliar amount of long material she was wearing.

“I got out of the car, but I’m not used to wearing the long dresses so I kept pulling it up and walking funny,” Alex related. “I was walking behind them, faster and faster, and saw Mona’s hand a few meters away from me. So I grabbed her, pulled her into my arms and the lady looked at my face, but all she could see were my eyes.”

Eventually, Al-Nahi helped her into the getaway car and they sped to the airport. Alex, who was born in Poland, used a passport that belonged to her older daughter (in addition to bribing an official) and boarded a flight back to England without being detected.

At first, Mona did not recognize her mother, calling out in Arabic to a woman that had cared for her. “I felt shocked and upset to hear those words coming out of her mouth about another woman,” Alex said. “But after half an hour she looked up at me and said, “Are you my mum?”

“She finally recognized me and it was a beautiful moment for me, especially after not having her for the past two years,” she said.

Alex praised Al-Nahi, thanking her for her help to retrieve her daughter after two long years. Nahi was quoted as saying, “You only have one mother and no-one has the right to take you away from your mum. But Alex was the real hero here. She took the girl.”

After reading it you can only question why the heck US policy continually appeases radical Islam and remember Major Nadal Hissan’s workplace violence, Benghazi caused by a YouTube video, and the fact the NYPD & FBI training manuals have been cleansed of any mention of terrorism or radical Islam thanks to CAIR.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Why Reinvent The Wheel? Here Is The #1 News Site on Radical Islam.

October 19, 2012

I’ve recently learned about a fantastic newsletter (hat-tip Nancy!) and I think you’ll want to get in on it.

Not because it’s light reading, but because it summarizes in one place the latest news on Islamic terrorism you will not hear anywhere else.  Remember TPTB (the powers that be) want us stupid and compliant. That’s why NObama & Hilldebeast worked so hard to convince us the Benghazi murders and ongoing imbroglio was caused by a YouTube video.

Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley

Here’s an example in the latest newsletter. Army Bows to Islamist, Sacks Lt. Colonel. Lt. Colonel Mathew Dooley’s recent job was to instruct fellow officers on the dangers of radical Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College (part of the National Defense University).

But CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) -both front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood (and way too much clout within our government) complained loud enough and long enough that eventually they succeeded in having Colonel removed for “cause”. This and a negative officer evaluation report has effectively become a “career ender.” Read the article here.

What we get from the Main Stream Media and the government are mostly lies, obfuscation & political correctness. If you have been following Benghazi-gate with all it’s twists and turns you know exactly what I mean.

Newsletter subscribers will get a free bimonthly email newsletter with the latest analysis, developments, video clips and articles intending to educate and inform you about the threat posed by Radical Islam. It’s a tool for all those who value freedom, democracy and other Western values.

Subscribe right here & now!

Aloha, Mikie

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Gang-Raped CBS Reporter Lara Logan: “There Is A Major Lie Being Propagated By Obama Admin”

October 10, 2012

And she ought to know. Lara Logan of CBS’s 60 Minutes speaking in Chicago last week at the Better Government Association’s annual luncheon (I’m thinking they need to meet more often), pulled the mask down on the Obama administration’s narrative over the last 2 years that Al Qaeda has been decimated (Osama is dead and GM is alive -stupid on so many fronts) and downplaying the Taliban links to Al Qaeda.

Somehow Obama gained stature as the master of foreign policy among the MSM, the Hollywood crowd, the über left and lib-tards of every stripe. But wonder-boy and his side-kick, Hilldebeast sort of blew it big time over the last month in Benghazi, Pakistan, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., etc. (and don’t call me racist for my use of boy!!).

But finally someone in the mainstream media gets it! Unfortunately, it took a first-person near death, brutal gang-rape for Lara Logan to understand. This is her first interview a few months after that horrible night February 11, 2011 at Tahrir Square in Cairo as Spring was bursting out in the Middle East.

And it’s taken her longer-nearly 2 years to speak out against the lie and the narrative coming from Washington but these things have a way of building. Hopefully (damn, he’s ruined that word!) conservatives, patriots and every one in the military, connected to the military (friends, family, neighbors . . . ) what may be the one thing to ruin Obama’s re-election, are his proposed budget cuts for active-duty military personnel and military retirees – but not civilian defense workers.

Do you get the picture?
Obama has tipped his hand.   He’s showing the entire country what he thinks about our military service people – the people who risk their lives for their country are worth less than civilian defense workers who push papers around in Washington.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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