Hawaii U.S. Senate Seat Race & The Typical Lefty News Slant

September 24, 2012

I nearly spewed my coffee this morning reading our paper’s rendition of the candidate forum held yesterday for Hawaii’s opening U.S. Senate seat.

Following is my rebuttal to the article in our morning paper:

Reporting Critique on Candidate Forum

The candidate forum was very well attended considering its Sunday afternoon venue on a beautiful West Hawaii day. But I feel compelled since I was in the audience to make a couple quick comments regarding the forum as reported in West Hawaii Today by Carolyn Lucas-Zenk.

She nailed the subhead, ‘HIRONO A NO-SHOW’ accurately characterizing Mazie’s overall performance in this very important race for U.S. Senator. The headline however, “Lingle attempts to woo W. Hawaii voters at forum” makes it sound like she missed the mark when that certainly was not the case.

I didn’t like everything Lingle did in her eight years as governor, but I was happy to have the teacher furloughs clarified since she’s taken heat for the furlough Friday fiasco since 2009. But we didn’t learn the truth about the furloughs directly from Lingle yesterday so much as her mention of the latest issue of Honolulu Magazine calling out Hirono’s misleading campaign video laying blame for Furlough Fridays entirely on Lingle. The article states the union (HSTA) and the DOE themselves chose to cut 17 instructional days -all Fridays (presumably to most negatively impact students and parents) when Lingle wanted planning and waiver days cut. Additionally, Lingle secured a $10 million line of credit from local banks trying to avoid the furloughs, but the union and teachers were firmly dug in and so we got Furlough Fridays.

Lastly, had you not been at the forum you would surmise from Lucas-Zenk’s reporting that when elected Lingle would be calling for a constitutional amendment banning abortion when in fact Lingle (who is pro-choice) made it clear she believed that would never happen and that social issues like ‘who can marry who and abortion’ were distractions when there were far more critical issues like the economy and national security needing our full attention.

All I can say is make sure you attend the next Lingle/Hirono forum October 10th in Waimea and see for yourselves who we need most in the Senate.


Michelle “Mikie” Kerr

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


DHS Snitch App For iPhone

December 15, 2010

Sound like Nazi Germany? No, it’s the latest brainchild of the Dept. of Homeland Security. And like so many misnomers of government creation this one is called Patriot App. I wonder if it’s free or you have to pay Homeland Security to rat out someone?

In case you can’t read the fine print (not to mention between the lines) the categories you can choose from are:

Right out of the fuhrer's playbook

  • National Security Threats
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Crime Report
  • Product Safety
  • Environmental Safety
  • Government Waste (how about this App??)
  • Pandemic
  • Employee Whistle Blower
  • Most Wanted

This coupled with the ‘If you see something, say something campaign‘ Wal-Mart is doing in cahoots with Janet Napolitano is guaranteed to keep us safe.

It seems sorta creepy to me having Big Sis looking down on us What say you?

Meanwhile Chicago, even after the Supreme Court overturned the city’s handgun ban continues to clamp down on gun owner rights. First they made it harder (increased paperwork and more expensive) to register guns, then they limit gun sales in the city and now they are making more difficult to use shooting ranges. Something’s not right here.

Aloha, Mikie


Call It A Spade Already

September 21, 2009

Unless your motivation is purely to obfuscate your intention, why not Call a Spade a Spade? Most Americans don’t have time to really delve into the issues, reading every line, chapter and verse- and that’s what they are hoping for.ace_spades

The name or acronym for the bill which is purposely misleading gets tossed around in print, on TV and online again and again, until the name itself is recognized and familiar to the public -whether or not the public really understands what the bill’s passage would mean.

Take a look at just a few examples:

  1. H.R. 3567, The Respect for Marriage Actreally has nothing to do with respecting marriage, it would repeal the 1996 “DOMA” Defense of Marriage Act which provides that federal laws must be interpreted in accord with the traditional definition of marriage as the union of husband and wife.
  2. H.R. 1409, The Employee Free Choice Act sounds good but it would change how unions are allowed to organize workers and is being heavily pushed by big labor unions like the AFL-CIO, SEIU in the face of declining union membership (about 7.5% in the private sector). The US Chamber of Commerce strongly opposes the “Employee Free Choice Act”, also known as “Card Check”because it would eliminate private voting for unionization. If more than 50% of workers at a facility sign a card, the government must then certify the union, and a private ballot election would be prohibited -even if workers want one, and 70% of voters want private elections. That sounds like free choice doesn’t it?
  3. A revised and updated Fairness Doctrine under the new Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd would require private broadcasting companies to fund public broadcasting companies their total operating cost! This is aimed at conservative talk radio which according to Lloyd has driven liberals off the radio. Hello, we used to be a free country with a free market system. If the liberal message can’t survive with their radio and TV ratings it must be the message that’s the problem. And by the way, those public broadcasters already receive millions in taxpayer dollars each year. NPR for example is 100% funded by taxpayers. Is this fair?
  4. H.R. 2454, The American Clean Energy & Security Act is also known as the Cap & Trade bill. Okay, even if we accept the scientific and economic assumptions of global warming, this bill will do a minuscule amount of carbon reduction. The “Cap and Trade” plan is quite simple:  The government sets a fixed annual limit (and can lower that limit to raise more taxes) of total carbon-dioxide emissions and distributes ration cards for the right to emit a portion of this amount (that’s the “cap”); it also allows those who receive ration cards to sell them (that’s the “trade”). So in effect, the government sets up an energy brokerage system to make money on trading the rationed carbon emissions. They will generate billions in revenue (allowing friends in the right place to make a nice little cut of it all), but really it’s nothing more than a back door tax and DOES NOTHING to effectively reduce carbon emissions or counter the natural warming of the earth.

By the way, here’s a way for you to more easily track bills in Congress. You can search by the bill number or keywords so you do get played for a sucker!

Aloha, “Mikie”
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