And You Thought There Were Only Three; Here’s a Recap of Top-20 Scandals of The Obama Administration

June 1, 2013

Thankfully the task has been made easier courtesy of our friend and veteran White House reporter, Keith Koffler at The White House Dossier. Have a gander:

The Top-20 Obama Administration Scandals:

  1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies:  Primarily conservative & pro-Israel prior to the 2012 election. Why, who ordered it and was there WH involvement in the cover-up?
  2. Benghazi: Actually 3 scandals in one:  1) The failure to protect the Benghazi mission; 2) The changes to the talking points & the suggestion that the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video; 3) The stonewalling by the WH as to what Obama did the night of the attack.
  3. Spying on the AP:  The DOJ did a massive sweep of Associated Press’ phone records.
  4. Rosengate:   The DOJ named FOX News reporter James Rosen a criminal and monitored his phones and emails (as well as his mother’s!).
  5. Eric Holder’s Perjury #1:  Holder told Congress he’d never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist but he actually signed the affidavit naming Rosen a potential criminal to get a judge to sign the warrant -and it took them 3 tires to find a judge willing to sign a warrant.
  6. The ATP “Fast & Furious” scheme:  Allowed weapons from the US to get into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. Hundreds of Mexicans and 2 US Border Patrol Agents are dead as a result.
  7. Eric Holder’s Perjury #2:  Holder knew of FF far in advance of when he told Congress he did. He was later found “In Contempt of Congress” for failure to turn over documents for the FF investigation.
  8. Sebelius shakes down insurance companies for donations to fund Obamacare:  Totally against all regulations as her Dept oversees them.
  9. The Pigford Scandal:  An Ag Dept effort to compensate black farmers who’d been discriminated against turned into a “gravy train” shoveling billions of dollars in cash to thousands of minority & female farmers who very likely were never even farmers.
  10. Govt Services Admin gone wild:  The GSA held a training conference in Las Vegas costing nearly a million dollars featuring a clown & a mind-reader.
  11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World:  More than $6 Million was wasted on 2 conferences, meanwhile waiting time for our injured and sick veterans has increased 2000% in the last 4 years.
  12. Sebelius violates Hatch Act: caught politicking while speaking in an official capacity endorsing a Democratic candidate for governor of NC.
  13. Solyndra:  Nobama’s Dept of Energy funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite numerous warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. Cost US taxpayers over $6.5 Billion.
  14. AKA Lisa Jackson:  Former EPA head Lisa Jackson caught using an alias (Richard Windsor) in email correspondence to avoid scrutiny.
  15. The New Black Panthers:  DOJ refused to prosecute blatant voter intimidation at a polling place in Philadelphia by the NBP group caught on video during the  2008 election.
  16. Obama going to war in Lybia without Congressional approval:  A clear violation of the US Constitution.
  17. Biden bullying the Press:  The VP repeatedly interfered with press coverage, deleting photos and editing press pool reports.
  18. AKPD not A-Okay:  The Administration paid $$Millions to a firm (AKPD Message & Media) owned by adviser David Axelrod to promote Obamacare.
  19. Representative Sestak bribed with prestigious White House position by Bill Clinton & Rahm Emanuel to drop out of 2010 Primary against the Administration’s favored candidate Senator Arlen Specter.
  20. I’ll pass my own laws:  Obama repeatedly makes end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce (Immigration, NO; Defense of Marriage, NO; declaring the House recessed in order to make National Labor Board appointments, YES).

And these are just the most egregious acts committed by Barrack Obama. What will be left of our liberties and our country at the end of his 2nd term?

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It Sucks Productivity

December 31, 2010

Yea, my taxes aren't going up tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow everyone is happy. The Obama Tax Increases didn’t happen – at least for 2 years. That’s all we bought after monumental debate and historic legislation heralded as bipartisan cooperation~ finally, on Obama’s part.

You can still hear the griping though from those who say the wealthy pay too little, when in fact according to Business Insider, the top 10 percent of earners pay about 71 percent of all the income taxes collected. And our current tax system exempts almost half the country from paying for programs that benefit everyone like national defense, public safety, infrastructure and education. That’s right, 47% pay no federal income tax at all.

But to be fair even those who escape federal income taxes still pay a heap other taxes, including federal payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, and excise taxes on gasoline, aviation, alcohol and cigarettes. Many also pay state or local taxes on sales, income and property.

So we’ve got 2 years gang to push from the bottom up for tax reform. Otherwise you’re gonna see a repeat of all the class warfare, special tax deals for special friends of politicians, union vote for tax credits to certain groups and special treatment, etc., etc.

Bottom line, we as a nation spend too much time and money trying to either comply with or avoid taxes. It’s a mega-productivity drain. So let’s look at 5 simple but radical ideas from Kevin Boyd of Liberty United to reform our tax code.

1) Create a simple, two-bracket tax system with only three deductions: 8% on the first $25,000, and 14% on the rest. The only deductions: a $6,000 standard deduction ($12,000 for married couples), a $4,000 exemption for dependents who don’t file their own tax returns, and all taxpayers would be able to claim charitable contributions up to 35% of adjusted gross income. Period –no other deductions.

2) Create a minimum tax in order to reduce non-paying filers. There should be a minimum tax that everyone pays. Get some skin in the game and suddenly you’re more cognizant of where our tax money goes.

3) Reduce the corporate tax rate to 15%. It’s currently 35% so you’d see businesses and jobs come back to the US and competition would soar.

4) Abolish the capital gains tax and taxes on savings. This would free up capital, funding expansion and encourage people to save more.

5) End withholding. Americans don’t know how much they really pay in taxes. If we had to write the checks directly to the IRS quarterly, we would have tax and entitlement reform immediately!

Aloha, Mikie

Fair Tax Factoid

July 22, 2010

I’ll let you decide, but I just ran across this in Bloomberg Businessweek:

To capture $2Billion or more a year in taxes on income that goes unreported by contractors or small businesses and those in the ‘shadow economy’ (working for cash), this little gem was inserted into the Health-care bill before it passed in March.

KEEP IN MIND, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOSPITALS, DOCTORS, DRUGS OR YOUR HEALTH. It’s all about the money government can grab. It’s just part of the Health-care debacle. And it was inserted by those wizards of the Senate Finance Committee to help offset the cost of Health-care bill, the very one that was supposed to reap us so much in savings by doing away with fraud, duplication, misuse and abuse so prevalent in health care (and every other government run program) before they saved us.

This simple little provision starting in 2012 requires companies to report to the IRS all payments of more than $600 a year paid to any vendor. Imagine the paperwork. Businesses already file 1099s for freelancers and others not incorporated, but this expands it even more.

Choking on the paperwork

Let’s see what that might include; cell phone service, gas for company vehicles, new computer purchases, package pick-up and delivery services and the list goes on and on.

This is a good reason to learn more about and support the Fair Tax which will abolish the IRS and get rid of a whole slew of other taxes that decimate your paycheck every two weeks. I’m talking Medicare, payroll taxes, income taxes and any other withholding tax separating you from your money. CAUTION: Don’t be a dreamer now, we’ll still have to pay taxes otherwise how do roads and bridges get built and necessary services get funded? But there is a better way that will unfetter businesses, large and small from being the tax ogre for the federal government.

One last thing I love about the Fair Tax is instead of them always picking on those of us who do pay federal taxes (a shrinking pool I might add), the Fair Tax widens the tax base tremendously because federal taxes would be paid only one time for the final end user at the retail level. Therefore everyone who buys anything would become federal taxpayers; criminals, those now working for cash and foreign visitors. Now before you think I’m inhumane, mean and cruel they have figured out a method in the Fair Tax system of compensating the elderly, poor and lesser advantaged. Please, check it out at

Aloha, Mikie

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