A Free & Independent Press is Vital to the Security and Future of America

March 24, 2014

free pressAccording to the Daily Caller the deposed leader of ACORN, Bertha Lewis, has called James O’Keefe a “demon, liar and a cheat” because of his explosive video investigation that unraveled one of the largest taxpayer-subsidized, left-wing cabals in 2009.

But in reality James O’Keefe is one of a very few true journalists.

Look at the motivation behind O’Keefe’s Project Veritas here.

O’Keefe’s first journalistic exposés were funded on his own credit card. In other words he is not financially backed by anyone or any organization and is able to tell the truth without outside influence. He now uses crowd-funding to finance his journalistic endeavors and is supported by people who want to see more of his political revelations in his video exposition of facts.

His Project Veritas has many feathers in its proverbial cap:

  • Obamaphones shown to be costly taxpayer funded boondoggle
  • Voter fraud laws in New Hampshire changed due to his revelation of dead people voting
  • ACORN employees shown to be actively defrauding the IRS by encouraging applicants to lie about income
  • Obamacare Navigators likewise defrauding the federal government, enticing applicants to lie in order to qualify for subsidies

Boys & girls, journalism is in trouble.

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