Who Says There’s No Bipartisan Support for Anything in Washington D.C.?

August 9, 2013

To say there was strong bipartisan support and pressure from both sides of the political aisle would not be an exaggeration. This is probably the only time both political parties come together on issues in Washington, and that would be any time they have an opportunity to stick it to the American taxpayer!Obama flipping you off

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D, TX) extolled the victory on Twitter:

“It’s official:  Members of Congress and congressional staff will keep their health subsidies under Obamacare!”

One Senator however, David Vitter (R, LA) is outraged and sent a letter to both party’s leadership blasting them for this “particularly offensive and obnoxious bailout” which he says was “pulled out of thin air. The Obamacare fix for Congress & bureaucrats is why the American people despise Congress.”

According to CNS News, the original provision of the law required lawmakers and their staffs to enroll in the exchanges just like their fellow Americans, but under the recent ruling (once again illegally skirting the original law) encouraged by Obama and most in Congress, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) ruled that members of Congress & their staff will keep their Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan (FEHBP) and not go into the exchanges. The FEHBP, BTW is heavily subsidized (75%) by the federal government (you & me).

Take a gander at those who want or have been granted exemption from Obamacare:

  • The senior Democratic staff who wrote the bill (remember not one Republican voted for Obamacare)
  • According the HHS roughly 1,200 companies received waivers from parts of the law (mostly Obama supporters or those working for unions that supported Obama)
  • American Indians who belong to one of about 560 tribes (as many as 480,000 affected & exempted)
  • Members of any exempt religious sect or division. Muslims, Christian Scientists, and the Amish will likely be recognized due to their moral conflict with insurance. Will the same be applied with those who have a moral conflict with abortion?
  • The entire IRS agency -those charged with enforcing it!
  • The President, Vice-President and Cabinet Members

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