More Love (& Truth) From The Muslim Brotherhood

December 17, 2012

More Love (& Truth) From the Muslim Brotherhood

They are all liars of course. Don’t forget taqiyah in all it’s forms -it’s totally okay, alright and expected to lie to infidels to move the cause forward. Just like in Egypt’s supposedly democratic “Arab Spring” uprising. The Muslim Bros. promised they would not even run for the presidency-didn’t have a majority anyway.

What do you know, next thing we hear candidate Morsi, put up by the Muslim Brotherhood is running for President! Amazingly, he and the Bros win though they promise a representative government -all the while slaughtering jews and Coptic Christians. Fast forward to writing the new constitution and overnight Morsi has unlimited powers -take it or leave it. Taqiyah at it’s best.

But every single bit of this video is true -believe it or not.

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