Another Poison Pill By Our Outgoing President

January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! Trump has proposed a federal hiring freeze to reduce the federal workforce through attrition. When someone quits or retires they will not be replaced. The theory is that there are too many federal employees (more than in US manufacturing jobs) costing taxpayers too much in dead wood.

pornBored federal employees at the EPA, the SEC and others have so much leisure time on their hands they spend hours a day engaging in online porn. It got so bad an inspector general investigation was launched. And the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee actually passed the “Eliminating Pornography from Agencies Act”. You can’t fire federal civil service employees so what was their solution? Put them on paid administrative leave, why of course. Adding insult to injury the offending employees were paid an average of $120,000 per year.

Everybody knows this stuff (heard about “rubber rooms in the public schools?) goes on and has for eons but finally we have a president who promises to put a stop to it. So what are the corrupt Democrats doing to make it hard for Trump to instigate these overdue changes? According to The American Thinker the Obama Administration has cancelled holiday vacation (what used to be called ‘Christmas’ vacation) time for HR staff and they are hiring as many new staff as they can, and promoting existing employees before Obama leaves office. Several federal agencies are accelerating hiring to thwart President-elect Donald Trump’s promised hiring freeze and this is after the Obama transition team promised no more hiring after Dec 1.

Face it guys, they do not want this new president to succeed in any way, hence the Israeli slap in the face, the Russian hacking sanctions and the fake news that Hillary would have won if it were not for the Ruskies interfering in our election.

What’s the answer? Civil Service reform. When you cannot fire ineffective, dishonest or corrupt (the deadly shenanigans at the VA are just one example), something is not right.

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