Fatwa Issued By New Black Panther Party-What Will DOJ & Obama Say Now?

March 24, 2012

The New Black Panther Party of voter intimidation fame, you know that friendly group Eric Holder, Dept. of Justice head loves so much, or that at a minimum refuses to prosecute. Well, here’s what the NBPP is up to now.

New Black Panther Party calling for the death of George Zimmerman

What say Mr. Fast & Furious now?

No question, the killing of Trayvon Martin is a tragedy, and Mr. Zimmerman, the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed this teenager must answer for his actions, but does this really help the dialogue? Will President Obama condemn this fueling the fire since he has already chimed in? Will the media condemn the NBPP for this hate speech and overt racism?

Don’t hold your breath.

Aloha, Mikie

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