The big thorn in the Democratic Party’s side –> AOC

February 16, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s platforms of choice are Instagram and Twitter (3.14 million followers on Twitter alone) and though she’s the polar opposite of the Donald, they both drive the Democratic Party crazy with their social media activity. Trump of course is Enemy #1, they’ll always hate him. But they didn’t expect their love and admiration for the youngest woman ever to serve in Congress, (wildly socialist-leaning that she is), to fade so quickly.

Here she is expressing joy over Amazon’s NYC exit

Her rollout of the ‘Green New Deal’ was so amateurish her own staff had to take down the web page, but not before it got massive coverage due to her social media footprint. Then they lied, saying they’d been hacked or some such hogwash, and the Republicans published it as a joke! Really? This is a little like Jussie Smollett’s fake hate crime where 2 white guys wearing red MAGA hats assault him at 2:00 AM in Chicago.

She’s chummed up to several other radical new Congresswomen who are causing their own little stir with rampant anti-Semitism. Though most of the Democrats in Congress even the Jews, are anti-Israel, pro-Palesianian and have a little anti-Semitism of their own going on.

But now AOC’s crossed Speaker Pelosi, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo & NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. If she didn’t single-handedly kill the Amazon-NYC second headquarters deal she certainly played a key role.

In doing so according to Thomas Lifson of American Thinker, “AOC has destroyed a key plan of the elders to revive a blue city and state that are hemorrhaging jobs, tax revenue, and middle-class residents. Even worse, she has sent a message to the tech plutocrats who are the new powers behind the scenes of the progressive left that any deals made with them cannot be guaranteed to come to fruition.” She did not fully realize that her political party (the Democrats) is now the party of big business, trading government favors of all sorts for massive political donations (and censorship of conservatives on internet forums controlled by the tech giants).

AOC didn’t like that de Blasio & Cuomo were giving Amazon 3 billion in tax breaks. What the cute little rocket-scientist doesn’t realize is New York City doesn’t have 3 B$ to give to her more justified causes. They made a deal to forego $3 billion in future taxes that would have beenĀ paid by Amazon. I myself don’t like the idea of any tax breaks to one of the highest valued tech companies in the world and Bezos doesn’t deserve and special favors either. Never mind that. The AOC v establishment Democrats going forward will be fun to witness.

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