Forced Sale of Private Property (in Venezuela) – Can American Be Far Behind?

December 1, 2011

Let’s see Barney Frank, Representative in the US House will not seek reelection because he can’t get done what he wants to do. I guess we should consider ourselves lucky based on what he’s already done (wrecked the housing market and given us Dodd-Frank, to name just a couple).

President Obama complains daily that Congress won’t act so he’s not going to wait. Then he pulls the executive order gig or has his bureaucratic civil service flunkies, or one of his scores of administrative czars draft and pass regulations and impose taxes-like the EPA recently did delivering the death knell to the coal industry. What’s a few hundred more jobs among friends?

Well now we learn (hat tip Wall Street Journal), Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in an effort to make good on a promise of 2 million homes for the poor over the next 7 years, is forcing the sale of rental property obliging landlords to sell their property to tenants of more than 20 years at state mandated discounts. Mr. Chavez hailed the law as a new way of opening housing up to the country’s poor (just-a-spreadin’ that wealth around).

Given President Obama’s past coziness with Chavez and his love of social justice and hey, maybe just a tribute to Barney before he leaves office, who knows when there will be an executive order or HUD mandate dictating private property owners sell to their tenants? That would fulfill one of the Occupy Wall Streeters demands too! It’s a beautiful life.

Aloha, Mikie

News Flash!

December 3, 2010

$250,000 does not equal a millionaire! At least not where I went to school. And from now on, let’s tell the truth – they are not the Bush tax cuts, they are the- Obama tax increases!

Never mind what happens on Jan 1, 2001 if this isn’t settled PDQ – (higher taxes for everyone!) why did they wait to take care of business until the absolute last minute? They had the White House and control of both houses. I’ll tell you -lack of leadership!

Charles Rangel was convicted on 11 of 14 ethics violations including forgetting to pay income tax for 17 years on his Dominican Republican villa, improper financial disclosure, fund-raising violations, among others. Rangel protested his punishment to the very end. You could maybe feel for him were it not for the fact that he was the chair of the Ways & Means Committee and basically wrote the laws he walked all over for so long.  But Hawaii’s beloved Lazy-Mazie Hirono was right there for him, voting for the lesser punishment of a reprimand. Fortunately, the vote was not close (333-79) despite Rangel’s supporters and at least he’ll lose some of his power along with the chairmanship of the WAMs committee. But, no he is not going to jail like other tax cheats. Don’t forget, he and the other members of Congress are above the law.

Aloha, Mikie

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