Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat; The Biggest Con in American History

April 16, 2013

President Obama on the Boston Marathon Terrorist Bombings-

“I’ve committed the full resources of the Federal Government. There are no Democrats or Republicans here, only Americans. We still do not know who did this or why, and people should not jump to conclusions before we have all the facts”.

In explaining why President Obama didn’t refer to the Boston bombings as a “terrorist attack”, former Obama adviser David Axelrod said

“We really don’t know who did this –it was tax day”.

You have got to be shitting me. This guy (Obama) is the greatest con in American history and there’s no end to his willing accomplices.

Fort Hood Massacre-

“We don’t yet know all the details yet in a horrific outburst of violence that happened today. . .  (Yet the shooter shouted Allahu Akbar as he opened fire killing 13 and wounding 28!). “I’ve ordered flags lowered to half-staff to honor those Americans who’ve served on the battlefields . . .”

And to this day more than 3 years later the attack is still referred to as workplace violence, the government refusing to recognize soldiers killed for their sacrifice as eligible for combat related benefits or the Purple Heart. And, the vile Nidal Hasan is still getting military pay and has not come to trial. Really?

Benghazi Terrorists Attacks-

“We will bring to justice the killers who have attacked our people. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice will be done.”

Seven later months & Obama simply ignores the Benghazi 9-11 Muslim terror attack that resulted in the death of 4 Americans. This act against the US Consulate in Libya apparently will go unchallenged, uninvestigated and unpunished.

Hurricane Sandy- after massive hurricane demolishes East Coast

“I want you to know this is an ‘All Hands on Deck’ approach. We will not quit until this is done. We are not going to tolerate red tape or bureaucracy. We bounce back and the reason is because we don’t leave anybody behind.”

Still nearly 3 months later Representatives from New York & New Jersey were irate with the delayed response for an aid package stalled in Congress.

Wash, rinse, repeat.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Why Reinvent The Wheel? Here Is The #1 News Site on Radical Islam.

October 19, 2012

I’ve recently learned about a fantastic newsletter (hat-tip Nancy!) and I think you’ll want to get in on it.

Not because it’s light reading, but because it summarizes in one place the latest news on Islamic terrorism you will not hear anywhere else.  Remember TPTB (the powers that be) want us stupid and compliant. That’s why NObama & Hilldebeast worked so hard to convince us the Benghazi murders and ongoing imbroglio was caused by a YouTube video.

Lt. Colonel Matthew Dooley

Here’s an example in the latest newsletter. Army Bows to Islamist, Sacks Lt. Colonel. Lt. Colonel Mathew Dooley’s recent job was to instruct fellow officers on the dangers of radical Islam at the Joint Forces Staff College (part of the National Defense University).

But CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) -both front organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood (and way too much clout within our government) complained loud enough and long enough that eventually they succeeded in having Colonel removed for “cause”. This and a negative officer evaluation report has effectively become a “career ender.” Read the article here.

What we get from the Main Stream Media and the government are mostly lies, obfuscation & political correctness. If you have been following Benghazi-gate with all it’s twists and turns you know exactly what I mean.

Newsletter subscribers will get a free bimonthly email newsletter with the latest analysis, developments, video clips and articles intending to educate and inform you about the threat posed by Radical Islam. It’s a tool for all those who value freedom, democracy and other Western values.

Subscribe right here & now!

Aloha, Mikie

~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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