I Agree With Bob. What About You?

September 6, 2013

This the bottom line:

“I couldn’t care less what Congress says, the American people have spoken. We don’t want to go to war in the Middle East PERIOD!”

Thank you Bob for so eloquently stating the obvious. Now let’s get back to defunding Obamacare!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Leftist Tactics MUST Be Deployed to Defeat Hillary from Now Till Election 2016

August 24, 2013

Excerpted from American Thinker’s Stopping the Hillary Juggernaut

Actually, Hillary Clinton is already not only the frontrunner for her party’s nomination, but also the favorite to win against any GOP candidate. Stopping Hillary should be the first priority for conservatives.

Identify her greatest weakness, isolate it, and pound on it from now until November 2016.  In Hillary’s case, the weakness is Benghazi.what difference does it make

Romney was shadowed during the primaries by protestors who heckled him unmercifully about his corporate background and his stance opposing new taxes on the rich. Similar tactics should be used against Hillary, but they need to start now.

Peaceful volunteers need to shadow Hillary wherever she speaks.  Preferably volunteers wearing T-shirts emblazoned with photos of the Benghazi victims and carrying placards with their photos and birth and death dates as well. Every time Hillary speaks, those peaceful protestors need to remind voters of where the four died:




After a few minutes, they might repeat the names of the four heroes, and remind Hillary that their safety was her responsibility:

Chris, Sean, Glen, and “Tee,”

Your responsibility

Chris, Sean, Glen, and “Tee,”

Your responsibility

Finally, they could segue into a five-beat refrain:




“What difference does it make?” is one of the most callous and self-serving statements ever uttered by a high government official in the history of the United States.  Conservatives need to remind people of that.

Ending here with one of my own favorite chants:

Killary lied & people died!

Killary lied & people died!

Killary lied & people died!

In the words of Camille Paglia, a registered Democrat, “Benghazi was treated as a public relations matter to message rather than as the major and outrageous attack on the U.S. that it was. And what exactly has she ever accomplished — beyond bullishly covering for her philandering husband?”

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Oh I’ll Bet She’s Squirming As More Benghazi Facts Slip Out

August 1, 2013

More muzzling from on high. We’ve already heard State Department, military personnel as well as the survivors families were threatened and or bought off, coerced or otherwise convinced to ‘keep a lid on’ just went down at the Consulate and Annex those fateful hours nearly a year ago in Benghazi that cost 4 Americans their lives.

Now Jake Tapper of CNN reports there were at least 35 Americans on the ground that night and the CIA is taking extraordinary measures (monthly polygraphs!) to make sure their secrets stay secret. I can’t help but recall Senator Rand Paul’s questioning of Killary during a Congressional panel after several weeks of dodging on her part; a trip to Australia, the stomach flu and then the concussion. But once on the stand he flat out told her had he been president at the time he would have ‘relieved her of her post’ for a failure of leadership. Paul also asked her point-blank, whether the U.S. mission in Libya was procuring or transferring weapons to Turkey and other Arab countries.

Well not too surprisingly she denied any knowledge of it but it seems more and more certain some type of black-ops was underway that fateful night and with CNN’s story earlier today it may be that another top Obama insider could have very likely perjured herself just like Eric Holder did recently. She’s outta office now, on the lam boning up for her 2016 campaign, but I think she may be squirming just a little and wishin’ & hoping the bribes, threats, intimidation and pressure brought to bear on witnesses won’t point the finger back to her.

And I really wonder when they’re going to release the poor sucker sitting in jail for producing the ‘hateful’ video that caused the whole thing!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

And You Thought There Were Only Three; Here’s a Recap of Top-20 Scandals of The Obama Administration

June 1, 2013

Thankfully the task has been made easier courtesy of our friend and veteran White House reporter, Keith Koffler at The White House Dossier. Have a gander:

The Top-20 Obama Administration Scandals:

  1. IRS targets Obama’s enemies:  Primarily conservative & pro-Israel prior to the 2012 election. Why, who ordered it and was there WH involvement in the cover-up?
  2. Benghazi: Actually 3 scandals in one:  1) The failure to protect the Benghazi mission; 2) The changes to the talking points & the suggestion that the attack was motivated by an anti-Muslim video; 3) The stonewalling by the WH as to what Obama did the night of the attack.
  3. Spying on the AP:  The DOJ did a massive sweep of Associated Press’ phone records.
  4. Rosengate:   The DOJ named FOX News reporter James Rosen a criminal and monitored his phones and emails (as well as his mother’s!).
  5. Eric Holder’s Perjury #1:  Holder told Congress he’d never been associated with “potential prosecution” of a journalist but he actually signed the affidavit naming Rosen a potential criminal to get a judge to sign the warrant -and it took them 3 tires to find a judge willing to sign a warrant.
  6. The ATP “Fast & Furious” scheme:  Allowed weapons from the US to get into the hands of Mexican drug dealers. Hundreds of Mexicans and 2 US Border Patrol Agents are dead as a result.
  7. Eric Holder’s Perjury #2:  Holder knew of FF far in advance of when he told Congress he did. He was later found “In Contempt of Congress” for failure to turn over documents for the FF investigation.
  8. Sebelius shakes down insurance companies for donations to fund Obamacare:  Totally against all regulations as her Dept oversees them.
  9. The Pigford Scandal:  An Ag Dept effort to compensate black farmers who’d been discriminated against turned into a “gravy train” shoveling billions of dollars in cash to thousands of minority & female farmers who very likely were never even farmers.
  10. Govt Services Admin gone wild:  The GSA held a training conference in Las Vegas costing nearly a million dollars featuring a clown & a mind-reader.
  11. Veterans Affairs in Disney World:  More than $6 Million was wasted on 2 conferences, meanwhile waiting time for our injured and sick veterans has increased 2000% in the last 4 years.
  12. Sebelius violates Hatch Act: caught politicking while speaking in an official capacity endorsing a Democratic candidate for governor of NC.
  13. Solyndra:  Nobama’s Dept of Energy funded and promoted its poster boy for green energy despite numerous warning signs the company was headed for bankruptcy. Cost US taxpayers over $6.5 Billion.
  14. AKA Lisa Jackson:  Former EPA head Lisa Jackson caught using an alias (Richard Windsor) in email correspondence to avoid scrutiny.
  15. The New Black Panthers:  DOJ refused to prosecute blatant voter intimidation at a polling place in Philadelphia by the NBP group caught on video during the  2008 election.
  16. Obama going to war in Lybia without Congressional approval:  A clear violation of the US Constitution.
  17. Biden bullying the Press:  The VP repeatedly interfered with press coverage, deleting photos and editing press pool reports.
  18. AKPD not A-Okay:  The Administration paid $$Millions to a firm (AKPD Message & Media) owned by adviser David Axelrod to promote Obamacare.
  19. Representative Sestak bribed with prestigious White House position by Bill Clinton & Rahm Emanuel to drop out of 2010 Primary against the Administration’s favored candidate Senator Arlen Specter.
  20. I’ll pass my own laws:  Obama repeatedly makes end runs around Congress by deciding which laws to enforce (Immigration, NO; Defense of Marriage, NO; declaring the House recessed in order to make National Labor Board appointments, YES).

And these are just the most egregious acts committed by Barrack Obama. What will be left of our liberties and our country at the end of his 2nd term?

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Memo to Hillary “Rotten” Clinton: It Makes a BIG Difference Because You Lied Through Your Teeth & People Died

May 8, 2013

Ralph Peters is a retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and author.  Peters contends “The Obama administration went into panic mode after the TERROR ATTACK in Benghazi and put politics above the security of our diplomatic personnel.”

“The Obama administration makes Nigerian phone scammers look like Paragons of integrity.”

Memo to Hillary "Rotten" Clinton: It makes a lot of difference that you lied through your teeth.

Memo to Hillary “Rotten” Clinton:   It makes a BIG difference that you lied through your teeth.

And I’ll just leave you with this -is this really who we want for the next president of the United States?

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

A Deficit of Trust . . . . Ya Think? Congress Guts The STOCK Act Outlawing Insider Trading By Govt. & Obama Signs It -No Fanfare This Time

May 6, 2013

After Steve Croft’s exposure on 60-Minutes, of perhaps the biggest wealth-builder for US Congressmen/women and Senators, i.e., insider trading, Obama made big theater of signing the STOCK Act (Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act) in an effort to repair the “trust deficit” the American public has for its leaders.

This was before the election of course. Just like any truthful, extensive investigation of Benghazi, who needs it running up to an election? Well, don’t give up boys and girls because the truth may still come out on that one. But gutting the STOCK act is really reprehensible.

Maybe this explains why the stock market is so high in the face of heaps of absolutely, dismal GLOBAL economic news.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Obama: “You Know I Tell The Truth” . . . . & The Only Truth He Ever Told

November 4, 2012

This is the truth he warned us about:

And this is the truth we got-

“Transparency & the rule of law will be the touchstone of this administration.” (None of the health care negotiations or deliberations were made public on CSPAN even after Obama said it would all be televised for the American public).

“If you have insurance that you like, you will be able to keep that.” (Companies are dropping employee health care plans in droves because of the costs. Companies in favor with Obama were issued waivers).

“No family making less than $250,000 will see any form of tax increase; not income tax, payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, not a dime of tax increases.” (taxes have gone up for everyone and are slated to skyrocket even more in 2013).

“I’ve told Congress to close loopholes that allow big corporations to avoid paying their fair share or in some cases paying no taxes at all.” (After a $50 Billion bailout GM made huge profits and paid no federal income taxes in 2011).

“This country succeeds when everyone plays by the same set of rules.” (illegal immigrants are granted in-State tuition over American citizens).

“I pledge to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term.” (it has increased by $5.5 Trillion!).

Speaking of Benghazi-gate “Look nobody wants to find out what happened more than I do.” (then why have weeks gone by without any plausible explanation of why our Ambassador and other Americans were even in Libya after the Red Cross & other Embassies had closed due to security concerns? Why continue to promote the lie about a YouTube video causing a spontaneous demonstration that got out of hand? And why Mr. Obama was military support denied as you watched the attack in near “real time” as Charlene Lamb of the State Dept testified?

And then there’s this on the campaign trail-

“I will be held accountable. If I don’t have this done in 3 years this will be a 1-term proposition” (This is true. On November 6th you’re history!).

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Facebook Aiding & Abetting The Very Presidential Obama -Even When He’s Not

November 1, 2012

Facebook twice censored an image and message that the President and lame-street media do not want out there -especially before the election.

“I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you”

A group of retired and former Special Operations veterans formed this PAC known as SOS (Special Operations Speaks) in response to many highly damaging leaks from within the White House or the government that endanger Special Ops members.

After posting the image above to their Facebook page in response to the Benghazi cover-up, FB removed it with a warning. Facebook then shut site shut down after a 2nd posting by SOS. But when it reappeared on various other sites online (hat-tip The Blaze) along with criticism for their attempts at “sacrificing the truth – and Americans abroad – in the name of politics”, Facebook put it back up, offering this apology:

A member of our team accidentally removed something you posted on Facebook. This was mistake, and we sincerely apologize for this error. We’ve since restored the content, and you should now be able to see it.
The Facebook Team”

Really? Haven’t we really had about enough of this bull-crap? Sign the petition to force the truth exposing President Obama’s abandonment of the SEALs and the cover-up, and DO NOT TRUST THE ALPHABET MEDIA!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

Heads-up Before Monday’s Prexy Debate on Foreign Policy

October 20, 2012

If you missed President Obama’s big lie (of many) in the last debate denying Governor Romney’s assertion that it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror, and instead flew the very next day to Las Vegas for a political fundraiser here is the transcript.

Monday’s debate on foreign policy should be very interesting. But what every American leader must realize and PDQ if we do not want to go the way of Europe, is that radical Islam is on the rise.

Radical Islam is on the rise largely because of appeasers and apologists and fools in our government, public schools and universities at EVERY LEVEL & in all 50 STATES.

This is the reality check for all eyes, young and old -anyone who cares about our freedom and our civilization!

Geert Wilder’s 10-Point Plan for the West:

  1. Stop cultural relativism
  2. Stop pretending Islam is a religion – it is a totalitarian ideology
  3. Stop immigration from Muslim countries
  4. Encourage voluntary repatriation
  5. Expel criminal foreigners & criminals with dual nationality
  6. All non-Western minorities sign a binding pledge of assimilation & allegiance in all Western countries
  7. Stop building mosques until churches & synagogues are allowed in Muslim nations. Close all mosques that incite violence.
  8. Close all Islamic schools
  9. Get rid of current weak leadership
  10. Make it clear that millions of millions of freedom loving people are saying enough is enough

We need more Churchills and fewer Chamberlains. Go on the offensive or we will be trampled!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

UPDATE: Terrorist Funding Blocked By US House. Praise Be To Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas

September 30, 2012

Hillary Clinton with Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi of Egypt

Secretary of State “Hilldebeast” Clinton sucks up to Egyptian President Morsi less that 2 weeks after our U.S. Embassies were attacked & four Americans murdered. Loathe to admit the attacks in Cairo & Benghazi were blatant terrorist operations, she’s promising both cash funds and debt relief to the tune of over $1Billion to help stabilize Egypt’s economy.

Rep. Kay Granger, R-Texas chairwoman of the Appropriations subcommittee on foreign operations however, said in a statement.

“I am not convinced of the urgent need for this assistance and I cannot support it at this time. I have placed a hold on these funds.”

Good for Representative Granger! Even though the Senate refused to de-fund the terrorist nations of Egypt, Pakistan and Libya last week, it is the House that holds the purse strings and this brave Texas US House Representative has put the skids to this cash infusion to these thugs -at least for now. Let’s hope she gets the support in the House that she needs.

Use this link first thing Monday to call your US House representatives in support Rep. Kay Granger’s decision to block funds to Egypt.

If you need encouragement remember Pres. Morsi (of the Muslim Brotherhood) has pushed since the day he was elected, for the release of Islamist terrorist Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheikh), from prison in North Carolina where he is serving a life sentence for master-minding the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Oh yeah, another reason NOT to release these funds– Morsi was among the first of many calling for Blasphemy laws in the America last week condemning our 1st Amendment rights and ushering in Sharia law.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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