Blue Doggies

July 25, 2009

Today I am talking about the Blue Dog Coalition in Congress. They are supposedly the fiscally conservative Democrats in Congress (I think there’s 50 of them-so they can have some sway). Recently they have had some success in slowing the Health Care bill, being ramma-lamma-jamma’ed down our throats (several pages of legislation, not read or understood or vetted or carefully thought out).

Below is the letter I sent to them and urge you to do the same. Cut and Paste it right into an email and to send it to:

Here it is:
Dear Blue Doggies,

This is just let you know we do not want any of the Health Care proposals currently being put forth. This is too big an issue to do quickly. NO GO FOR NOW.

Nobody disputes that Health Care needs fixing, but the plan the administration is urging you to pass has not been vetted, read or discussed. We the American public are sick and tired of having legislation rammed down our throats. THIS IS TOO EXPENSIVE and we urge you to come to your senses or risk being voted out. WE ARE SERIOUS, PISSED OFF AND WE ARE ORGANIZING.

Respectfully yours,

That’s it for now!
Aloha, “Mikie”

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