The Brexit debate in 2 minutes

June 5, 2019

This is important for many reasons. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May is on her way out after having failed to navigate the Brexit from the European Union that British voters approved in the referendum some months ago. She should never have been put in as Prime Minister because she was a “remainder” from the start. But it is important to the United States on many levels as President Trump is eager to make new and better trade deals with allies and enemies alike.

President Trump has been emphasizing American sovereignty (Buy & Hire American, and America First) since day one and he’s done a great job of getting us out of a lot of international agreements (Paris Climate Accord & the Iran Nuke deal to name a few), despite the elites & globalists in our government and others. The UK has been trying to regain it’s sovereignty from the EU so Brexit when successful could be good for both the US and the UK.

The US & UK need to share in the fight against the Islamic State, support for NATO and the question of how to deal with Iran. None of those goals will be achieved if the UK doesn’t leave the EU.

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