I’d be lying if I told you Ron DeSantis wasn’t an attractive candidate for 2024

December 28, 2022

I keep wavering in my allegiance to the Donald. There’s so much drama surrounding him all the time. It gets tiring and it’s not gonna let up. Governor Ron DeSantis has proven himself beyond a doubt. As an aside the very first thing he did when he was elected 4 years ago was to fire all the corrupt Broward County election officials that had been screwing with Florida elections for years. Remember the “hanging chads”? He also made it a crime to have more than your own ballot in your possession, formed an election fraud division, required annual voter rolls clean-up after learning that 50,000 ballots had been cast by dead people. So it was no wonder he won his 2022 reelection in a landslide.

We have to fix the election process and it’s not going to be easy. The Democrats like the way elections are run because it’s a perfect set-up to cheat and cheat they do. Ok, call me an election denier, I don’t care. The Democrats love the fraud and the Republicans have been too naive or STUPID to realize why they keep losing.

But watch this video and tell me why you wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2024. In my perfect world, DeSantis would become the president of the Governor’s Association and take his “Florida voting model” to all who would listen. And Harmeet Dhillon would become the head of the RNC and stop the downward spiral of Republicans that we’ve seen over the last several election cycles and all the terrible spending bills the GOP always signs onto. But I digress. DeSantis should endorse Trump for 2024 and the two of them beat the drum of election integrity so that Trump and America First Republicans don’t get cheated out again. Then DeSantis can run in 2028.

Remember, we’re all in this together! But remember when the FBI and the DOJ used to be our friends? Not anymore. They are tools of the Biden Administration to punish anyone opposing them. They hate America and they hate you if you don’t go along with the communism they are pushing. Never submit, but keep it peaceful. It’s time for the Great Awakening.

Aloha, Mikie (just a blogger, fighting like a girl)

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