Dining in Spain is an Experience

September 23, 2014

One of the best things about Espana and Europe in general are all the wonderful outdoor cafes. Probably 90% of all restaurants have outdoor seating. In fact more tables outside than inside usually. 2014-09-23-16-29-30--976220015 And once you get a table that spot is yours until you decide you’re ready to move on. There’s never any hustle from the wait-help to turn over the tables or make you feel like you have to order another drink or more food. Every dining experience is to be savored whether it’s a cup of coffee which is an art form in itself, an afternoon snack or a complete meal.images-3

And tipping is an American bad habit best forgotten when in Spain. If you end up with some odd change after paying your bill you may leave that, but I’m talking 20 to 30 cents, not the 15 to 20% obligatory gratuity we Yanks are accustomed to. We are conditioned to feel bad if we don’t tip but everyone we’ve talked to about it assures us it’s not expected. In fact you’re pegged for naive tourists if you do.

Another uniquely European feature in dining is their love of dogs which are not only welcomed in eating establishments but pampered. We even saw one restaurant taking the trouble to fill up several water dishes for their canine customers! It’s all considered customery, no big thing.2014-09-23-16-01-17-578097497

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Now That You’ve Had Breakfast

February 24, 2012

Quick aside – we were nowhere near the horrible commuter train crash in Buenos Aires the day before yesterday that killed so far 50 and has injured over 700. In fact we only first learned about it after receiving worried emails from friends and family checking to see if we were okay. So thank you all for your concern, but we’re fat (more so by the day!) and happy as you can see below by some of what we’re ingesting day by day.

The typical Argentine breakfast is coffee (maybe cafe con leche, my favorite, or expresso or even expresso doble if you really want a kick start) with 2 medialunas. Medialuna means half moon and they are really a smaller version of our croissant but with a slight sugar glaze and great for dipping in a nice strong coffee.

But we usually eat breakfast in the apartment with items from the Supermercado like cereal with fruit or some nice bright orange looking eggs, so we can laze around at our own pace and recover from the previous late night out.


How's that for a waker-upper?

Not that we’re out partying or clubbing, but we have slipped into the habit of dining late like the locals do and haven’t been getting back from dinner much before 11 PM or so. We’ve tried for 2 nights in a row to get into an Armenian restaurant called Sarkis a block or so from here which we’ve seen recommended on some of the blogs, but the line even at almost 10 PM has been out the door and into the street! It’s the last day of a holiday weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues), so maybe we’ll have better luck tonight or tomorrow.

Yesterday’s somewhat laid-back goal rather than figure out a bus/subway route to a particular point of interest across the city was just to wander around the shops right here in our own neighborhood of Palermo Soho. I’m not really a shopper but it’s always fun to see what’s out there and who knows, I may find a little something I just have to have.

But alas, we we’re foiled again by the holiday, with most shops still closed. I did say most but not all, and we managed to drown our sorrows with a coffee and a bite of chocolate cake, which I swear tasted like a huge piece of fudge!


Yep, those are blueberries and bosenberries on top!

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