They want to micromanage every last detail of your life

December 9, 2018

The climate change enthusiasts, formerly called global warming proponents (until there were a few too many record cold winters in the East) are now trying to figure out just how many areas of society government should regulate in the name of slowing climate change. Everything is on the table—ranging from building codes, auto fuel efficiency, your diet and family size.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that French President Emmanuel Macron was forced to backtrack recently on proposed gas taxes (that is, carbon taxes). That was just a ‘bump in the road’ so to speak. After protesters lit Paris on fire and raged in the worst anti-government riots in over 60 years, the globalists have a few details to figure out. They’ll try anything and eventually work out what they can get away with and what we will not lay down for. But they will never quit. New Taxes are only the beginning (hat-tip

I might mention at this point that the Paris Climate Agreement that President Trump had the courage to pull the USA out of was a voluntary agreement. In other words there was no enforcement and no consequences if measures were not met. Of course, as the biggest economy and a world leader, the US would have been held to the highest standard and though voluntary, the globalists in our government and our corporations (most of them, honestly) would have forced companies and the military into these ridiculous and costly carbon reduction standards even though China & India’s agreement in the Paris Accord are substantially lower that those required of the US. This even though China is the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases at 25.35% of the total compared to the US’s at 14.4%. The Paris Agreement aside, America has led the way with greenhouse gas reduction without the Agreement. Oh and BTW, China is this very minute building new coal plants like there is no tomorrow.

President Trump famously said when pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement:

“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris”

Not surprisingly Pittsburgh (run by progressive Democratic mayor, Bill Peduto) countered that “We stand with the world and will follow the agreement.” There ‘s no accounting for stupidity and predictably several blue states (including Hawaii) have chosen to force their states to follow the requirements of the Paris Agreement on their own to the peril of their taxpaying citizens.

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